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Hot springs boast some of the most stunning scenes on the planet. From the bubbling warm waters of Japanese onsens to the soothing splashes of Europe’s thermal baths, these natural pools come in all shapes and sizes.

At Parkdean Resorts, we know a thing or two about relaxing aquatic escapes, with our own range of luxury hot tub holidays being great for your body and mind. But the world has its fair share of stunning springs too, and we’ve scoured the Gram to find them, discovering which ones are shared the most.

While we can’t always jump on a plane and visit these incredible places, we can live vicariously through our screens and enjoy some well-earned armchair travel. Check out our results below.


The world's top 10 most Instagrammable hot springs

Looking at Instagram hashtag data to see which hot springs are shared the most by avid travellers, we can reveal the world’s most Instagrammable hot springs - and you’re going to want these on your profile.

Instagrammable hot springs map

1. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland (101,721 hashtags)

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Perhaps the most famous hot springs in the world (and certainly the most popular on Instagram), Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is located in a lava field, keeping its water at a steady 37 degrees celsius all year round. Despite its breathtaking appearance, the lagoon here is actually man-made, powered by water from a nearby geothermal power plant that uses the hot water to generate electricity. Exploring the lagoon on Instagram will conjure up images of an otherworldly landscape, one that conveniently has a swim up bar slap bang in the middle.

2. Szechenyi Bath, Hungary (55,716 hashtags)

Szechenyl Bath, Hungary

The largest medicinal bath in Europe, thermal waters have been enjoyed here since 1913. It’s easy to see why they’re still so popular - based in the centre of a park by the side of a stunning spa building, you can bathe inside or outside and enjoy spectacular architecture and soothing waters all around you.

3. Mammoth Hot Springs, California (41,491 hashtags)

Mammoth Hot Springs, USA

A fairly small and unassuming spring, Mammoth Hot Springs in California is the perfect pit stop on the way to Yosemite. The spring is well known for its heart-shaped hot tubs that draw in crowds from all over the country, giving people the ideal spot to lay back and relax while watching the quiet Californian countryside.

4. Hanmer Springs, New Zealand (39,366 hashtags)

Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

Surrounded by mountain trails, ski slopes, white water rapids and abundant salmon and trout, it’d be easy to have an active holiday in Hanmer Springs. Having said that, it’d be even easier to lay back and do nothing in the gorgeous mineral water.

5. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand (38,759 hashtags)

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Thermal pools not enough for you? Try this awe-inspiring thermal beach along the coast of New Zealand. Powered by underground hot springs, the water can get as hot as 64 degrees celsius either side of low tide, with visitors bringing their own spades to dig a personal pool of pleasure.

6. Terme di Saturnia, Italy (35,685 hashtags)

Terme Di Saturnia, Italy

According to legend, the springs here were formed by lightning bolts when Jupiter fell out with Saturn. While we can neither confirm or deny the stories, we can say that whatever formed them did an excellent job. The water here sits at 37.5 degrees celsius and will relax muscles you didn’t even know existed.

7. Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico (32,333 hashtags)

Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico

Personal pockets of heated water cascading down ancient steps as you look over unforgettable views - we know where we want to be right now. The steam rises out of the trees as the nearby volcanic mountains heat the water - soothing, serene, stunning.

8. Hot Springs in Kinosaki, Japan (28,334 hashtags)

Hot Springs Kinosaki, Japan

Set in a charmingly authentic onsen town (a town powered by volcanic activity), this typical set of Japanese bath houses has been healing people since the 8th century. Built along a willow-lined river, you’ll hear the sound of wooden clogs tapping away in the evening as the locals head to their favourite spot to unwind.

9. Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia (25,719 hashtags)

Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia

Featuring a day spa, hotel and, of course, some stunning hot springs, Victoria’s first geothermal waters offer incredible views around every corner. Not that you’ll be doing much moving - once you sit in the waters, your body will be quite content staying still.

10. Gellért Baths, Hungary (23,750 hashtags)

Gellert Baths, Hungary

Talk of healing waters has been going on in Budapest since the 13th century, so it’s no surprise Gellért Baths has made our top 10. Situated in the simply stunning Hotel Gellért, the thermal baths suffered damage in WWII, but were fully refurbished in 2008 to give you the gorgeous, glamorous setting you can see today.

The best of the rest - all 25 of the most Instagrammable hot springs

Ranking Hot Spring Country Hashtag Number of Hashtags
1 Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Iceland #bluelagooniceland 101,721
2 Szechenyi Bath Hungary #szechenyibaths 55,716
3 Mammoth Hot Springs California, USA #mammothhotsprings 41,491
4 Hanmer Springs New Zealand #hanmersprings 39,366
5 Hot Water Beach New Zealand #hotwaterbeach 38,759
6 Terme di Saturnia Italy #termedisaturnia 35,685
7 Grutas Tolantongo Mexico #grutasdetolantongo 32,333
8 Hot Springs in Kinosaki Japan #kinosakionsen 28,334
9 Peninsula Hot Springs Australia #peninsulahotsprings 25,719
10 Gellért Baths Hungary #gellertbaths 23,750
11 Aqua Dome Austria #aquadome 22,234
12 Termas Geométricas Chile #termasgeometricas 20,838
13 Chena Hot Springs Alaska, USA #chenahotsprings 19,399
14 Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs New Mexico, USA #ojocaliente 18,011
15 Therme Bucuresti Romania #thermebucuresti 16,936
16 Reykjadalur Valley Iceland #reykjadalur 15,322
17 Dogo Onsen Japan #dogoonsen 14,221
18 Tabacón Hot Springs Costa Rica #tabacon 13,325
19 El Tatio Chile #eltatio 13,091
20 Cascate del Mulino Italy #cascatedelmulino 12,173
21 Brúarfoss Iceland #bruarfoss 12,094
22 Jigokudani Monkey Park Japan #jigokudanimonkeypark 10,173
23 Kurokawa Onsen Japan #kurokawaonsen 10,049
24 Sawtooth National Forest Idaho, USA #sawtoothnationalforest 10,005
25 Bagby Hot Springs Oregon, USA #bagbyhotsprings 8,990

Ready for a thermal stay of your own?

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We compiled a list of the most popular hot springs from around the world. We then analysed each of these hot springs on Instagram and noted the number of times the place was hashtagged on the social media platform. We omitted hot springs that are dangerous to swim in, or have a generic name that could pick up unrelated photos. We then ranked the hot springs based on the number of posts and selected the top 25 highest ranking springs with the most posts. The results were measured from November 2020.