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Which Caravan is Best for You?

A Quick Guide to Caravans

Parkdean Resorts by Parkdean Resorts on 20/09/2016

Choosing the right caravan to holiday in can be a tough choice, with so many makes, models, shapes and sizes available - it’s important to consider which kind is the best fit for your holiday needs. Whether you’re looking for a cosy getaway to enjoy with your partner, or planning to take the whole family, Parkdean Resorts can help you find the perfect space for creating amazing memories. 

View of lodge overlooking the seafront.

Value Caravans

If you’re conscious of cost or looking for a place to recharge between adventures then you should take a look at one of our great value level caravans, which provide you with a comfortable space, warm beds and access to park amenities at generous prices. All of our caravans are spacious and modern, while the newest models all feature double glazing and central heating as standard
Perfect for: First timers and outdoor adventurers


If you’re looking for a combination of style, comfort and luxury, then you’ll be wanting to take a look inside one of our Lodges. With elegant furnishings, a luxurious central lounge and a spacious veranda, our Lodges will provide you and your loved ones with a true sanctuary - perfect for a romantic break or a peaceful getaway.
We also offer a range of lodge-style holiday homes at some of our wonderful locations across the UK. A lodge-style holiday home lets you experience the comfort and space of a lodge at an even more affordable price.
Perfect for: Living in the lap of luxury

View of lodge rooftops with countryside in background

Extra Wide:

Sometimes you just need a little more space, whether it’s for your children, the family pet or simply to fit all your holiday gear in. Our extra wide caravans are perfect for when you want to take the kids, the family dog and the kitchen sink away with you! Ample storage and wide berths mean you’ll never have to worry about having enough room, while the kids won’t be tripping you up come breakfast time!
Perfect for: Family holidays

Double Glazed/Central Heating:

Ideal for an off-season break or escape from the city, all of our newest caravans have central heating and double glazing as standard to keep you warm when the weather fails you. If you’re looking to make the most of spring-time or take a scenic autumn break and watch the leaves fall and colours change, our doubled glazed and centrally heated caravans are a guarantee of warmth and comfort.
Perfect for: Autumn/Spring and colder months when the sun might be taking a break of its own!
Three wooden lodges.

Central Lounge:

Ever fantasized about holding a dinner party or inviting your Park neighbours around for an evening of wining and dining? A central lounge caravan offers a spacious social area that you can use as you please, whether that’s for playing board-games with the kids or entertaining guests in the privacy of your caravan. Central lounge caravans will make you feel more at home than ever.
Perfect for: Socialising, sharing some family time and hosting guests.