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Earn money from letting

Smart ways to offset the running costs of your holiday home

If you know that you won't be using your holiday home at specific points in the year, or if you just want to make it work for you while you aren't on holiday, there are some smart schemes that allow you earn something towards your running costs. 

Easylet Scheme

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The Easy Let Scheme – what is it?

Becoming an owner gives you more than a holiday home, it also gives you the opportunity to get some return on your home when you’re not using it. Letting your holiday home out to other holidaymakers when you’re not around through our EasyLet Scheme is a great way to offset some of the running costs. But if you don’t want the hassle of scheduling lets and organising guests, allow us to handle this. We will help you make your holiday home work for you and earn some return.

What are the costs involved?

If you decide to use our EasyLet Scheme you will still be responsible for all running costs. You’ll be making a Guaranteed Income from the lets we arrange for you, but you’ll still need to cover things like as gas and electricity and the cost of breakages or replacements as required. Costs for cleaning are included in your 20 percent +VAT commission.

Why should I let my Holiday Home through Parkdean Resorts?

Subletting can be tricky, alongside finding and organising lets there are things like key hand-overs and cleaning to consider too. If you’d rather leave that to us we’ll use our experience to take care of all of this for you. You won’t need to worry about your holiday home sitting empty as you’ll also be benefiting from our Online, TV and Radio advertising as well as Tour Operators to market it.

What do I need to consider if I want to let my Holiday Home?

The scheme requires that we check a few things, such as the standard and safety of your holiday home before we can start to let it for you. What this means for you is that we’ll handle any of the checks required to make sure that it is suitable for our holidaymakers. You want to be fully informed on the process so we’ll invite you to a park visit. Here our Sales Advisors will be able to demonstrate the opportunities of letting your home specifically.

How much could I earn with EasyLet?

There are a few things you need to consider when thinking about how much you can make. The age and grade of your home are factors, as well as how busy your Holiday Park is and the season you want us to let it in.  There is the potential for you to make thousands! To find out more you’ll want to speak with your holiday park's Holiday Sales Manager.

Guaranteed Income Scheme

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Income Promise Scheme (IPS)

If you want to let your holiday home when you aren’t using it, but also want to be sure of just how much you’re going to see in return, you’ll also want to consider our Income Promise Scheme. Through the IPS we will confirm with you the amount of income you will get prior to the start of the letting period. You can use this income towards the cost of buying your holiday home or even take that credit and put it towards next year’s pitch fees.

Usually you’ll find that your income will cover your pitch fees, but of course, it does depend on the number of weeks you agree to let your caravan for. Pitch fees vary between holiday parks too, so this is something to keep in mind also.

How does it work?

You get and Income Promise Agreement so that you know how much you’ll see in return when other holiday-makers let your caravan. The agreement is valid for the remainder of the calendar year so that you aren’t tied in for too long. This amount is guaranteed and we will honour the agreement even if we don’t manage to let your holiday home on a specific date.

What are the costs involved?

Like the basic EasyLet Scheme, you will still be responsible for all running costs. You’ll be making a Guaranteed Income from the lets we arrange for you, but you’ll still need to cover things like as gas and electricity and the cost of breakages or replacements required. Costs for cleaning are included in you 20 percent +VAT commission.

Flexibility – what if I want to change a date?

We understand that with planning ahead, things don’t always work out the way that you plan, especially if you’ve got children! So it might turn out that you want to use your holiday home on one of the dates you have given to us for letting. If this happens don’t worry, you may still be able to take your holiday. We just need at least a months’ notice of the change to your plans and we can do our best to move things around so you can have the amended dates. There is a small administration charge for date changes, but our Owners Letting Team will tell you up-front how much you will need to pay when you call them to talk about it.

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