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Annual Running Costs to Consider

While there's no place like home, living in your everyday house won’t be as exciting as taking a relaxing break in your new Parkdean Resorts holiday home, lodge or chalet. After all, it’s what makes a getaway a getaway.  But like the house you live in every day, it’s well worth considering the running costs of your holiday home.

  • When you become an owner you want peace of mind. You want to know that your holiday park will be well kept and that your holiday home will be safe whether you are visiting or not. Reviewed and paid annually, pitch fees cover all of the aspects necessary to give you that peace of mind, in one simple and easy to manage payment. They cover things like the running of the holiday park facilities, grounds maintenance, refuse collections and park security. With these things all taken care of, you can relax and focus on enjoying your holiday home with your family.

  • Required by law, insurance needs to be paid each year – whether you visit or not, but it means you can rest assured holiday home is protected. When thinking about annual costs such as pitch fees and insurance it’s worth bearing in mind that other things, like electricity, gas, sewerage rates and water costs, will be significantly lower when you are not there using the utilities.

  • Based on the value of your holiday home, the local water authority will apply water company charges and sewerage rates, similar to your everyday house.

  • Your electricity supply is metered, however on the majority of holiday parks, gas is available for purchase by the bottle. Some Parkdean Resorts parks offer piped gas, but please check with your Sales Advisor during your park visit as to whether this will be available in your area of choice. If you are interested in the current rates, the team at your park of choice will be happy to help by giving you all the latest information.

  • Optional cleaning costs are something you should consider too. If you’d rest a little easier knowing that you can pack the kids into the car and drive away without having to worry about the cleaning and tidying up afterwards, this is the option for you.

  • There are a few other tasks you can leave to us through our Winter Protection services. When it gets to those colder months you’ll need to drain the caravan of water and remember to top up the boiler with anti-freeze. Alternatively, you can let us take that responsibility off your hands. There is a fee to cover the cost of the service, but it will also save you a journey if you don’t intend to take a winter break. Alongside this, we can take care of your gas and electricity safety checks.

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