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Choose Your Dream Holiday Home

So you’ve found the perfect location for you to enjoy a memorable holiday year after year. Our friendly, expert staff have helped you consider the costs and provide you with the payment structure that’s right for you. But to really imagine yourself enjoying the owner’s lifestyle, you’ll need to think about choosing your dream holiday home. But what are the options?

The modern caravan has come a long way from the predecessors you might remember from your childhood. They really do have a lot to offer. Maybe you fancy a cosy caravan? Or really want to holiday in style and buy a luxury lodge? With the range of add-ons and extras you can build into your package, the choices available to you really don’t stop at the type of holiday home.

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors it would make sense to add some decking. Perhaps you would like to socialise with friends and family by adding a hot tub to get the party started. Going back and forth to your holiday home with a lot of baggage can be an extra hassle. If you’d rather keep your leisure gear at your holiday home and save on extra packing, you can add a storage box to keep your things secure. The modern holiday home has some really clever design solutions that create storage space for everything you need. Other home comforts include en-suite bathrooms for convenience and double glazing for cosy winter breaks. 

Finally, whether you’re choosing a brand new luxury model or a pre-owned option you can make sure you have enough space without stressing the budget. Think about the future, will the kids always be happy sharing? Is there enough room for extended family who might want to join in the fun and enjoy the park facilities as well?

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