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Leanne's Story | People of Parkdean

Parkdean Resorts by Parkdean Resorts on 28/07/2021

Passionate people, creating amazing memories.

Everyone meet Leanne. Leanne loves the outdoors and socialising in a great beer garden or up a mountain. She says it is one of the reasons she loves her job – because she gets to enjoy the beautiful areas our parks are situated, regularly taking the time to enjoy a run before or after her shift. Leanne’s Parkdean journey started when she joined the family 2 years ago as a graduate. Today, Leanne is the Guest Experience Manager at our largest holiday park in Scotland, Southerness. This is her story.

When Leanne completed her Business Management degree, she knew she wanted to be involved in the operational side of a business. During her time at university, she worked in Hospitality and thrived off working with people. When an opportunity at Parkdean Resorts presented itself, an opportunity that allowed Leanne to travel around as well as develop, she knew it was the role for her. Chuck in a vibrant energy and a company who was passionate about its people, and Leanne was decided – it was the perfect fit.

Over the course of 2 jam-packed years, Leanne has worked across a number of departments and parks within Parkdean Resorts. Joining the team as part of the graduate scheme meant dipping her toes into various roles and experiences, resulting in a broad and wide knowledge of park life as a whole. When talking about her time as a graduate, Leanne says it “gave me the opportunity to learn and develop in new ways at every point of the programme, experiencing and working with diverse and unique teams of individuals on every park.”

We’re people people, Parkdean people – we’re family.

One of the first cultural quirks Leanne picked up on during her programme was the family feel. “Despite there being differences on every park I visited, everyone was equally supportive and it felt like we were one big family which is a fantastic environment to grow personally and professionally in your role.” Leanne goes on to remark on how important it is to develop a strong network of diverse people that you can both learn from and inspire as you develop in the business.

Joining Parkdean as a graduate was a rewarding experience for Leanne, as she says “you feel like you make a difference and have an impact on the teams in which you spend your time. Although the time I spent on parks was only for a small period of time, being able to observe a difference to when you came in and when you leave gives you a fantastic sense of accomplishment.”

Upon Leanne’s completion of the programme, she was offered the Guest Experience Manager role at Southerness Holiday Park, one of the larger parks that she spent a lot of her graduate journey.