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Parkdean Resorts by Parkdean Resorts on 11/08/2021
Richard Warren, General Manager at Sea Acres

Passionate people, creating amazing memories.

“I look forward to creating more amazing memories with the fantastic team here at Sea Acres who bring the Parkdean Resorts values to life every day.”

Richard, General Manager.

At Parkdean Resorts, careers really do have the freedom to fly!

Meet Richard Warren, a husband, a father of two, and the new General Manager appointed at Sea Acres Holiday Park near Helston in Cornwall. He joined the Parkdean Resorts family when he was just a teenager and this is his story.

With his journey at Sea Acres starting just shy of 20 years ago, Richard is no stranger to Holiday Park life and the joy and passion that brings to a career. During his teen years, Richard joined the kitchen team at Sea Acres as a pot washer, assisting the chefs in their day-to-day tasks and also spending some time with accommodation, washing linen and helping to clean the caravans. Right from the get go, Richard describes the team there as ‘one big family who always looked after one another.’

Just a few years later at 19, Richard was offered a promotion to Bar Manager, a huge step up and a new challenge that excited him. He took on the new role and excelled, enjoying a new career direction in which he could work closely with guests, providing excellent hospitality. It was during this time in the complex bar that Richard met and fell in love with his wife, who would regularly holiday at Sea Acres. They married just a few years later and have two amazing children together, both of which are boys.

During his years at Parkdean, Richard said ‘he would always feel inspired by the General Manager at park, watching them go around the various departments and admiring their running of such a large resort.’ He says that ‘having worked at Sea Acres for 20 years, of which the majority have been with Parkdean Resorts, many amazing memories have been created during this time.’ That must be why then, that when asked what his top achievement so far at Parkdean is, he talks of his most recent promotion from Complex Manager to General Manager, and ‘the fantastic challenge ahead of him working alongside a really good team of people.’

When it comes to Parkdean Resorts, Richard believes it’s the way in which ‘they invest a lot in the people, in training, and in development’ that makes it such a great place to work.