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Introducing the world's first bug hotel

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Introducing the world’s first bug hotel

Bugs might be a bit creepy looking, but they're an essential part of our ecosystem. With many species facing extinction, it’s important to keep them safe and tucked away as winter closes in – we know safe shelter for them can be hard to find.

Without bugs, our lives would be vastly different. Not just key pollinators of our favourite fruits and flowers, they’re an essential part of the animal food chain too. That’s why, here at Parkdean Resorts, we have created the ultimate Wes Anderson-inspired bug hotel for any creature (no matter how many legs) to stay safe in during the colder months.


Why settle for any old log when you could stay in the world’s first grand Budapest hotel?

Inspired by the great Wes Anderson film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, which first hit our screens in 2014, this bug hotel boasts stylish yet cozy features, bound to make every creepy-crawly feel snug as a bug, whilst also looking and feeling like a movie star.

We invited some of the UK’s most common creatures to experience the Grand Bug-apest Hotel for themselves - and the bees in particular were buzzzzzing!

What is a ‘bug hotel’ and
why are they important?

A bug hotel, also known as an insect hotel, is a secure and protected environment for creatures to lay their eggs and stay out of harm’s way, far away from any predators.

These bug hotels help to keep our tiny friends safe. Necessary given that, according to the National Geographic, some countries in Europe have 75% less insects than they did thirty years ago.

The impact of this decline is huge. We know that insects pollinate about three-fourths of all flowering plants, as well as contribute to the fruit, vegetables and meat products that produce more than one-third of the world’s food supply. Without them, shortages are just around the corner.

Not only that, but we could lose our stunning British landscapes because of a lack of vital pollinators to help flowers and greenery flourish!

Ladybird relaxing

How you can make your very own bug hotel

Bug hotels have become a popular addition to many gardens across the world, and with these super easy tips, you can make your own this autumn. Whether you’re making a multi-story mansion or a simple log pile from twigs or old growth – it’s up to you how creative you get with it!

  1. Find a suitable spot for your bug hotel

    The RSPB recommends keeping your hotel away from any vegetable beds, and building on ground that is level and firm. You can use wooden pallets or bricks to give you a strong base.

  2. Head to the woods

    Throw your wellies on, because all you need is already around you. Grab sticks, straw, moss, pine cones, leaves and tree bark – the more nooks and crannies you can give the bugs, the better.

  3. Fill in the gaps

    Pack your hotel tightly and fill each corner with different types of natural materials so that the insects in your garden can really get snuggled up in a place they’d be proud to call home.

If you’re looking to jazz up your newly renovated bug hotel, you can even achieve the Grand Bug-apest Hotel look in your own garden! We made ours pop with some bold paint colours and a mixture of different sticks and reclaimed wood.


Other ways you can help the bugs

If DIY-ing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways you can contribute to helping keep insects safe.

By planting pollinator-friendly plants, and avoiding using pesticides, you can help make your garden a haven for insects looking to find a safe environment. As many insects across the UK face declining numbers, now is the time to take action and help out our helpful little friends.