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From Camber Sands to St Ninians in the Shetland Islands, find your perfect shade of summer. With the 50 of the best British beaches to choose from, discover your next staycation from your favourite Sand Tone shade and texture.


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We at Parkdean Resorts are here to help you choose your next UK holiday location by matching British beach sands with beautiful sand shades. We colour picked 50 of the best UK beaches and found the nearest tone to show you what the UK has to offer.

Feel inspired by Sand Tones, matching up your love for white, golden or dark sands, soft grain beaches or picture-perfect pebble coasts. Your next staycation? Your choice!

Comes in St. Ives.

Comes in St. Ives.
Blackpool Pleasure.

Comes in St. Ives.
Blackpool Pleasure.

And Cleethorpes.

Which is the UK’s whitest beach sand?

Kynance Cove in Cornwall, close to Lizard Point holiday park offers the lightest and coolest sands of them all with a Sandtone shade of Cool Gray 1C. Find warmer colours up north with Whitby Sands, offering a biscuit beige beach in 7507 C shade.

Hit the other end of the scale on Beer Beach with a grey 4270 C shade and skimming stone texture. Or head to the North East with Cleethorpes Beach offering shadowy grains with the darkest sand tone in Britain, perfect for building sandcastles in shade 4227 C.


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