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Fishing Festivals in 2018

Angling holidays are all about relaxing in tranquil surroundings by the water... but they don't have to be. While you're here, you can try your luck in our weekly resident matches or catch some festival action. See below for details of our upcoming festivals and matches.

Fishing festivals in March


We kick off the new season with our annual Veteran’s festival which is held in March. See below for more details and we’ll see you there.

w/c 20th March Veterans Festival

Fishing festivals in April


With four festivals in April, there’s something for all abilities and ages. Come along and try your luck.

w/c 2nd Coca-Cola & Drennan Junior Festival

w/c 2nd Coca-Cola & Preston Innovations Intermediate Festival

w/c 16th Frenzee Festival

w/c 23rd Dynamite Baits Festival

Fishing festivals in May


If you’re planning a visit this May and would love to win some great prizes, check out our annual Guru festival.

w/c 14th Guru Festival

Fishing festivals in June


We will be hosting two events this June so whether you’re a competitive angler or prefer to fish for fun, you’ll find something for you.

w/c 4th Garbolino Spring Classic Festival

w/c 18th Virgin Festival

Fishing festivals in July


If you didn’t get a chance to take part in our March Veteran’s Festival, or would simply like to have another go – join our summer festival this July.

w/c 2nd Summer Veterans Festival

Fishing festivals in October


A month packed with five events, including one of the biggest in the UK – with the chance to win a £25,000 grand prize!

w/c 1st Maver Festival

w/c 8th Preston Innovations Festival

14th Parkdean Resorts Masters

w/c 15th Winners Week Festival

w/c 29th Winter Veterans Festival

FestivalFishing Days & Lake Information
Spring VeteransMon to Thurs
Trelawney - Jennys - Python - Pollawyn
Junior & IntermediatesJuniors Tue & Weds - Jennys - Acorn - Pollawyn
Intermediates Tues - Thurs Twin Oaks - Jennys - Acorn - Canal
MiloMon to Fri
Twin Oaks - Trelawney - Acorn - Canal - Trewaters - Porth - Bolingey
GuruMon to Fri
Jennys - Twin Oaks - Trelawney - Trewaters - Porth - Bolingey
GarbolinoMon to Thurs
Twin Oaks - Python - Trewaters
Old EnglishMon to Thurs
Twin Oaks - Acorn - Canal - Python - Trewaters
Summer VeteransMon to Thurs
Acorn - Canal - Python
MaverMon to Fri
Pollawyn - Jennys - Trewaters - Trelawney - Twin oaks - Porth - Bolingey
Preston InnovationsMon to Fri
Pollawyn - Trewaters - Trelawney - Twin oaks - Acorn - Canal - Porth - Bolingey
Parkdean MastersOne day only
Winners WeekMon, Tues & Thurs
Pollawyn - Twin oaks - Jennys
Autumn VeteransMon to Thurs
Pollawyn - Jennys - Python - Twin oaks - Trelawney
Garbolino WinterMon to Fri
Trelawney - Jennys - Pollawyn - Sycamore - Python - Twin oaks

Festival and weekly resident matches are subject to availability and entry fee. You must be in possession of a weekly permit to take part in the weekly resident matches.

^Limited places, so you may need to be added to the waiting list and then contacted if places become available.

^^Anglers must qualify on a White Acres event for the Preston Innovations Festival. Places on this festival cannot be booked.

^^^Accommodation for winners week is up to the value of £250. Limited to one holiday per person. Subject to terms and conditions. Upgrades are available at request and the difference in value will need to be paid in full before the w/c 16 October 2017 for the 2017 event or w/c 15th October 2018 for the 2018 event. All privately booked customers who have qualified require a £99 deposit. Dates subject to change.