Parkdean Resorts UK Holiday Parks

Parkdean Resorts touches the lives of millions of people around the UK, provides economic stability to 66 coastal and rural communities, including our central support office, and is home to over 3,500 acres of land in some of the UK’s finest beauty spots.

ESG is already a natural component of the way we do business. Our approach to ESG mirrors our drive to celebrate people, communities and our natural environment – enabling us to enhance the amazing memories we create for many years to come.


There are three main ways in which we care for our Parks, People and Planet:




Creating sustainable spaces for nature and a positive environmental impact.
Sustainable careers supporting our local communities.
Integrity, assurance, and transparency from a highly trusted brand.

Why ESG is important to us

We want to be a force for good. Our passion is to secure the sustainability of our business, create positive change in our sector, and leave a beneficial footprint for future generations to enjoy. 

Our parks have a huge environmental and social impact

We are lucky enough to have parks in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK; we own over 3,500 acres of land including forests, peatbogs, rivers, beaches, and headlands.

Our parks are abundant with biodiversity, providing natural habitats for an array of wildlife and protected species, and hugely diverse fauna and flora. Therefore, we are committed to continue supporting wild spaces for nature as an integral part of our estate.

We also want to create a positive social impact on the people and communities that surround our parks, as we have an inherent sense of belonging and drive to support our local communities to thrive and prosper.


We are committed to acting responsibly for the long-term sustainability for our business

We do business on the basis of strong ethical principles which are the foundation of our corporate culture, and we have a rigorous approach to risk, audit and compliance, underpinned by a digitised risk management framework and robust IT architecture and technology.

We are fully committed to doing our part to support the UK goal of achieving net zero by 2050, and have ongoing projects to future proof our infrastructure resilience, including sea defences and energy-efficient caravans.


Our ESG strategy will enhance the value and performance of the Parkdean Resorts brand

Through our ESG strategy, we will be enhancing our parks to create more natural spaces for customers to enjoy, as well as enhancing the working environment for our teams and demonstrating that we all care about the future.

Furthermore, we will be improving performance by continuously driving innovation with new technologies and solutions to help us perform better as a business.

Our 25 commitments for 2025

Parkdean Resorts' 25 environmental, social and governance commitments