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Who we are

Parkdean Resorts UK Ltd
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We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a Data Controller for the processing of your personal data.

What we are asking for

Your consent to use the following personal data that relates to you. This may be a picture, video or testimonial

How we will use your data

We will use it for the promotion and advertisement of the Parkdean Resorts Group of companies and their business. It may be in various media including printed brochures, presentations, promotional materials, websites, online platforms, social media or a specific TV campaign.

We might include your initials, first name, surname, town and county in our media. We will not use all of these together and might publish an edited version.

How long your consent will last

To ensure we comply with UK GDPR and our legal basis to rely on consent to process your personal data we will refresh your consent on a biennial basis. We will not continue to use your personal data in any new media or material after then unless you renew your consent.


How long will you retain my personal data

When we complete a photoshoot to support a specific campaign it is likely your personal data will not be published until the following year, therefore it is reasonable that we will retain copies of your personal data (including your contact details) for up to a maximum of 4 years. 


You can withdraw consent at any time

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Contact the following if you want to do this.

[email protected]

Data Protection Officer
Parkdean Resorts UK Ltd
One Gosforth Park Way
Gosforth Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 8ET.


Please note: 

If you withdraw your consent after we have published your personal data, we will ensure we will not use it in any future publications. 

Where your image has already been published, we will try to remove wherever feasible to do so, although this may not always be possible, particularly for hard copy publications e.g. posters. 

• In instances where you have consented to the use of your image(s) on social media platforms, you do so in the knowledge that websites can be seen in our jurisdictions where the law of England and Wales may not apply. Once in the public domain, we can no longer control the content. Therefore, if you withdraw consent whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to locate and remove the image(s), this may not be possible and we are unable to guarantee the Image is still not in the public domain, as the Image could have been copied or shared multiple times in the social media domain. 


Third Parties

Parkdean Resorts contract with various trusted third parties to undertake the initial processing of your personal data, example, via a photoshoot, video etc.

When we are relying on your explicit consent for the processing of your personal information these third parties will not further retain your personal data and use for their own processing activities.


Giving your consent

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