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Parkdean Resorts announces ice cool new partnership with Polar Krush

Parkdean Resorts by Parkdean Resorts on 08/02/2024
Two mascots with Polar Krush slushes

Parkdean Resorts has announced that Polar Krush will be rolling out at 64 of its parks, marking one of Polar Krush Group’s biggest deals yet and the start of a new partnership between two North East business powerhouses.

Always committed to upgrading and enhancing on-park experience for the 3 million holidaymakers who visit its parks each year, this partnership is the first in a series of 2024 investments for Parkdean Resorts. In this initial 4-year contract, each park will stock the global brand’s two most iconic flavours, Strawberry Drift and Blueberry & Raspberry.

Polar Krush Group boasts strong environmental credentials with all of its products made, stored, and served in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Its Concentrate is made in a solar-powered factory in Northumberland and sold in biodegradable plastic-free cups with paper straws, saving over 15 million plastic straws from landfill every year.

Parkdean Resorts carefully selects responsible suppliers who can help the business meet its Environmental, Social and Governance commitments. Targets include a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions, and a 75% reduction in waste to landfill by 2025, so Polar Krush Group’s initiatives mean the company aligns perfectly with Parkdean Resorts’ goals.

Two mascots with Polar Krush slush


David Morrison, Retail Director at Parkdean Resorts, said: “We’re delighted to be rolling the refreshing taste of Polar Krush slush out to 64 of our award-winning holiday parks. We’re constantly looking for new ways to evolve our food and beverage offering, and this partnership offers exciting new options for guests while aligning seamlessly with our commitment to environmental responsibility, and our broader mission to care for our Parks, People and Planet.

“As a business with a national footprint, we build strong and sustainable relationships with local businesses up and down the country, so we couldn’t be happier to partner with a fellow Newcastle-based business. Polar Krush is the perfect choice for providing quality products while maintaining the fun that families associate with Parkdean Resorts.”

In a playful display of unity, Sparkle the rabbit, from Parkdean Resorts’ much-loved Starland Krew, and Polar Krush’s mascot, Hudson the polar bear, recently met at Sandy Bay Holiday Park, Northumberland, to toast the partnership with a Polar Krush slush. Sandy Bay holds special significance for Polar Krush Group, as it was the brand’s very first slush customer in 1998.

Michael Reid, Chief Growth Officer at Polar Krush Group, said: “We’ve wanted to work with Parkdean Resorts for years to demonstrate our improved service and product range and we’re thrilled that this is now a reality. Partnering with the UK’s leading holiday park operator allows us to capitalise on our extensive experience in the sector, and really demonstrates the strides forward we’ve made as a business. We’re a global company that’s proud of our roots so it’s fantastic to be building a relationship with a business so close to home.

“Sandy Bay Holiday Park in Northumberland, now owned by Parkdean Resorts, was actually our very first slush customer back in 1998. Beginning as an ice cream business, our founder first created a slush recipe to help a friend who operated the park’s café after he had been let down by his regular supplier. After making a slush that was superior in quality, appearance, and taste to the leading frozen drink on the market, Polar Krush Group was born as a premium iced drink supplier. This month our business turned 30 years old, and we’re delighted to celebrate it by reconnecting with our first ever customer.”