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We do business on the basis of strong ethical principles - the foundation of our company culture - so we take our governance commitments very seriously.

We are trusted by our people and our guests, so we have embedded safety and security into the structure of the company through a rigorous approach to risk and assurance, and secure and compliant information systems. When key decisions need to be made we aim to be as transparent as possible, and our reports, annual accounts, and policies are widely accessible.

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Our business is run with integrity, and this includes how decisions are made, how we deal with customers, how we train our leadership team on strategic issues, and our ethical code of conduct.

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Safety, security and compliance are an integral part of the business as a whole and we are committed to continuously enhancing our strategy and approach. We have recruited experts in fields such as health and safety, information security, and data protection to drive continuous progress.

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We pride ourselves on operating a fully transparent business, especially when it comes to decision making, policies and our annual reports. This gives all our partners, people, and guests confidence in our decision making and clarity around our processes.  

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