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By Parkdean Resorts on 28/09/2016

Holding mobile phone up in sunshine

If you’re going on a touring or camping holiday in Britain, there are hundreds of little things to keep track of, from finding routes and activity planning, to simply keeping the kids happy during a long car journey. Luckily, with a smartphone, iPad or tablet device, you can make all of these things a whole lot easier to manage with practical apps that will ease your mental burden, or entertainment to keep the kids smiling no matter what. Here are some of our favourites:

Torch apps and flashlights

Experienced campers will know that taking a torch along on touring or caravan holidays is pretty much a necessity. But even the best planned endeavors can take a turn for the worse – if your battery runs out, or you lose your torch in the dark - your phone can make a great substitute. For Android users, check out Super-Bright Flashlight (Android) a free app that uses your phone’s LED flash to brighten things up. Flashlight performs the same function for iPhone and iOS users and even gives you a compass.


While some of us enjoy the challenge of relying on a dusty old map to get us from A to B, if you’d prefer a stress-free trip, GPS is the way to go. Google Maps is installed by default on all Android devices and is available on iOS too. It offers you a detailed map and GPS kit all in one, with great directions that allow for public transport, as well as downloadable maps – in case you’re heading into an area of the countryside with no signal. Alternatively you could give CoPilot a try – with live traffic updates, downloadable maps and clear visual cues for turn-offs and multi-lane traffic (iOS and Android).


Pokémon Go (iOS and Android) is all the rage right now and is perfect for an outdoor holiday that encourages kids (and big kids) to engage with landmarks and explore the countryside. You’ll want to supervise your youngsters to make sure they don’t get carried away, but it can be great for encouraging a long walk – turning it into an outdoor adventure! For car journeys, the fiendishly fun Cut The Rope provides reflex challenges and tricky puzzles with cute graphics and easy interactions (recommended for 6+ iOS £1.49 and Android £0.74).


Outdoors & Exploration

If you’re interesting in hiking, exploration and nature – you’re in luck, there are loads of great apps to enhance your experience! Yonder (iOS) lets you browse other people’s hiking and cycling routes and share your own, on a social media platform designed for outdoor enthusiasts. For nature-lovers check out Project Noah (iOS only). You can use this clever app to identify animals you’ve seen, find nature guides for your local area, or even take on challenges to help gather research data for environmental groups and scientists. Finally for serious situations, when you need some expert advice - from first-aid to navigational needs - the SAS Survival Guide (iOS £4.49 or Android £4.78) could be essential.Whatever apps you’re using, Parkdean Resorts has some of the UK’s finest touring and camping pitches on award-winning Holiday Parks, with locations ranging from lakeside retreats and coastal resorts, to countryside getaways.