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Pssst... it's rewarding to refer friends and family, pass it on!

As an Owner there are all kinds of amazing things to enjoy as part of our community. But those things could be even better when they're shared with friends and family too. So why not let them know all about owning a Parkdean Resorts holiday home?

Not only will they be able to experience the ownership life for themselves, but you'll also receive £1,000* onto your Owner's account as a big thank you when they buy their holiday home. Now that's got to be worth spreading.

Benefits to referring a friend

You'll receive a reward

You could earn £1,000* every time you recommend Parkdean Resorts holiday home ownership to a friend or family member.

There's no limit to how many friends you can refer

No matter how many friends you refer, you'll always receive a reward from us. That means you'll earn up to £2,000* with two referrals, £3,000* with three and so on.

Your holidays will be even better

Whether you are popping for a pint, taking part in one of our brilliant activities, or simply having someone over for a cuppa, friends on the park can make your ownership experience even more fun.

You'll help build our ownership community

Creating a wonderful Owner community is so important to us. We want to make sure that your time on park is an enjoyable one and having friendships amongst our Owners helps make that possible.