Static Caravan Running Costs

Buying your very own holiday home at a Parkdean Resort has never been more exciting, and may be more affordable than you'd think!

With the huge investments we've been making, our new ownership opportunities are better than ever. Don't just take our word for it, our owners have had their say with our testimonial videos.

Buying your first static caravan or lodge is an exciting prospect, and opens up lifestyle benefits that you can’t put a price on, including more freedom, fun and quality time with family and friends. As an owner, you’ll be able to make the most of your leisure time, spending weekends and holidays away at your new holiday home from home - throughout the ownership season.

That being said, as with any big purchase, there are a few costs which need careful consideration and planning before you dive into your new lifestyle. If you’re planning to purchase your holiday home with caravan finance, you’ll need to factor the below costs into your budget, as well as your monthly finance repayments.

Some of these caravan and lodge running costs will vary by location and the holiday home you choose. When you visit our parks for your holiday home viewing appointment, our team will be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs for the park and holiday home you’re interested in.



Standard running costs to consider

We’ve highlighted the costs you should factor into your budget to help you make sure ownership is right for you. Simply scroll down, or click the links below to jump to the relevant section. Some of these caravan and lodge running costs will vary by location and the holiday home you choose. When you visit our parks for your holiday home viewing appointment, our team will be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs for the park and holiday home you’re interested in.

Pitch Fees

Static Caravan Pitch Fee

What are caravan pitch fees?

A static caravan ‘pitch fee’, or ‘site fee’ as it’s commonly referred to, is the amount you pay to keep your holiday home on its pitch at the park for the year. While the purchase price of your caravan or lodge covers the cost of the holiday home itself, the pitch fee is essentially the ground rent you pay for its pitch.

Your pitch or site fee goes towards a number of things that you’d otherwise have to pay for separately if you weren’t buying a holiday home on a holiday park.

How much are site fees on a caravan park?

Parkdean Resorts' 2024 site fees range from £2,995 to £13,317 per year – depending on your park and holiday home of choice. Our fees are inclusive of 20% VAT.

To find out more about what your pitch fee covers, example costs and payment options, we recommend checking out our dedicated pitch fees page, where you’ll find a full guide and answers to common questions.


Static Caravan Insurance

Do I need static caravan insurance?

Just like with any big purchase, you’ll need insurance to protect your caravan or lodge. It’s a requirement for all owners at our parks to take out an annual policy – as specified in your pitch licence agreement – to ensure you’re covered against risks such as fire, flood, and theft, and are protected from public and property owners’ liability.

How much does static caravan insurance cost?

Prices will vary depending on the value of your caravan, its age, size and location, as well as the level of cover you require, similar to insuring a car or home.

In partnership with insurance broker Gallagher, we offer a range of comprehensive insurance packages. Your annual premiums could range in price depending upon your holiday home's age and size and level of cover you require. For a quote, please speak to our on park Owner Experience Team.

Can I arrange my own static caravan insurance?

You’re more than welcome to source and arrange your own static caravan insurance cover through a third party, however, it will need to meet the minimum requirements detailed in your pitch licence agreement. We’ll also need a copy of your insurance documents annually as proof that your static caravan or lodge is insured.

Electricity & Gas

Caravan Electricity & Bills

How is caravan electricity billed?

All of our pitches feature an electricity meter, meaning you’ll only pay for the electricity you use. Your meter will be read by your park team quarterly, and billed to your owner account quarterly.

Your electricity costs will be billed directly by Parkdean Resorts, and the park will use this money towards the park’s electricity bill as a whole. We don’t mark-up these rates, and our owners benefit from being billed at the exact same rate that Parkdean Resorts pay for electricity from our suppliers.

How is caravan gas billed?

All of our static caravans use gas water heating systems, while many also feature gas central heating and cooking appliances. Depending on the park you own at, your pitch may have piped gas or use a bottled gas system.

Piped gas connections

For our owners with a piped gas connection, this is billed quarterly at the same time as your electricity and is payable within 28 days of receiving your bill. Like electricity, we match our suppliers’ recommended retail price, ensuring our owners aren’t paying extra for gas to their holiday home. Your bill will either be based on meter readings or the average consumption of holiday homes sharing the same gas supply tank in your area of the park.

Bottled gas connections

If your holiday home uses bottled gas, you can buy replacements at the park – which are priced at our suppliers’ recommended retail price – and include free delivery to your holiday home. Prices can vary from park-to-park , so we recommend asking the team on park for a price list when you visit for your viewing.

Do I need an annual gas & electricity test?

Yes, all of our owners are required to carry out safety checks in their caravan or lodge. The gas test must be carried out annually and the electric test must be carried out every three years. The test can be arranged and booked through the on park Owner Experience Team at a cost of £100 for your annual gas test and £120 for your electric test (every three years).

Rates, Water & Drainage

Local authority rates, sewerage & water charges

What are Local Authority Rates?

All of our parks are required to pay Business Rates to their local councils in order to operate. This is sometimes referred to as Local Authority Rates or National Non-Domestic Rates.

This rate is apportioned to each holiday home on the park, to work out an ‘Average Rateable Value’ – contributing to the park’s total Business Rates. Your Local Authority Rate will be calculated and billed annually, and is payable within 14 days of receiving your bill.

Do I need to pay Council Tax on my caravan?

No, as our holiday parks are not residential (meaning you can’t live there or work from there) and are purely for our owners to use during their leisure time, you don’t need to pay Council Tax. Council Tax only applies to your permanent residence.

How are sewerage and water billed for my caravan?

You’ll also need to contribute towards the parks sewerage and water bill – which is divided evenly across the number of holiday homes on the park and billed annually with a breakdown alongside your Local Authority Rates.

How much are Rates, Sewerage and Drainage?

Your annual bill will vary depending on the park you choose, as different councils and local suppliers charge different amounts to each park. This is also influenced by the park’s size and facilities too.

Your total bill could range anywhere between £340 and £1,500 annually. You’ll be able to confirm the exact price for your park during your visit at your holiday home viewing appointment.

Note: A few of our parks are also required to pay for refuse collection. To find out if this applies to your park, please enquire during your visit.

Maintenance & Servicing

Static Caravan Maintenance & Servicing

Static caravans require maintenance from time to time, so it’s worth setting aside some budget for the unexpected. All of our caravans come with a warranty, however, general upkeep and wear and tear may be something you want to factor into your running costs. You’ll be able to look after much of your caravan’s maintenance yourself, however, as some of our owners live further away from their park – they opt to allow our Owner Services team to complete maintenance work for them if convenience is a priority.

We offer a full range of owner services at our parks, provided by our onsite maintenance teams as well as trusted third party suppliers. These range from basics like a caravan exterior wash and carpet cleaning to safety checks and servicing for electrical appliances and boilers – as well as essential annual winterisation to protect against frost and damp.

During your caravan viewing appointment, you can access a full list of the services available to our owners, as well as prices.

Other Costs

Other costs to consider

What other costs should I factor into my budget?

As with any holiday home, you may want to factor in some lifestyle costs into your calculations when looking at static caravans for sale. This could include things like stocking up on household essentials or appliances you don’t want to bring with you when you visit, as well as any decorations or soft furnishings you plan on buying to personalise your new holiday home.

One of the biggest benefits of owning your own holiday home is taking many more holidays and breaks each year – so it’s worth putting some thought towards any little extras you might want or enjoy while on park.

Do I need a TV Licence in my caravan?

As our parks are non-residential, current guidance from TV licensing states that you only need a separate TV Licence for your static caravan if you’re planning to use your TV at the same time as anyone else at your main licensed address.

That means if there won’t be anyone at home watching TV, at the same time as you in your caravan, you don’t need an additional TV Licence. However, TV Licensing asks that you complete a ‘Non-simultanous use declaration form’.

Owners who join our letting scheme will require a separate TV Licence for their holiday home.

As Parkdean Resorts is not affiliated with TV Licensing, we can’t advise on definitive rules around this, therefore we recommend visiting the TV Licensing website for up to date information.

Can I get internet in my caravan?

All of our parks benefit from free Wi-Fi within the main complex building, which is available to all of our owners.

Many of our owners opt for a personal Wi-Fi dongle for internet access in their caravan, available from most mobile networks. This uses a SIM card with a data plan to broadcast a personal Wi-Fi network, similar to a mobile phone Wi-Fi hotspot. As many of our parks are nestled in rural locations, we recommend checking your network provider’s signal strength in the area before committing to a data plan.

Some of our parks also benefit from additional Wi-Fi services, please check at your appointment on park for further information about internet on park.

Running costs offers

We regularly promote a number of fantastic offers and sales on our caravans and lodges for sale – which can be a great time to buy a caravan. This could include offers such as free or reduced site fees for a specified period. It’s important that you work out your costs after this offer period ends, and read the full terms and conditions to ensure you can comfortably manage bills if or when they return to full price.

Running Costs

Managing your running costs

How will I receive my bills?

All of your bills will be posted to your home address with payment instructions. We also offer an easy to use online portal where you can see all of your bills and statements in one place.

How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills online through our owners portal, or by contacting our owner support team.

Alternatively, you can pay via BACS transfer, or opt to spread out your bills by setting up a Direct Debit for each with our owner support team.

Many owners opt to pay their pitch fee in full annually, however, we are also able to offer an instalment plan via our partnered credit providers – allowing you to split your pitch fee into 10 instalments over each year (or 8 if you let your holiday home through us).

Offsetting your bills through letting

If you opt to join one of our holiday home letting schemes, you will receive your earnings annually in November, paid via a BACS payment or cheque.

We will deduct the following year’s pitch fee from your total earnings, meaning you won’t need to pay this separately. Our letting schemes are a great way to offset your running costs and a popular option for many of our owners.

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