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What Are Caravan Pitch Fees?

A static caravan ‘pitch fee’, or ‘site fee’ as it’s commonly referred to, is the amount you pay to keep your holiday home sited on its pitch at the park for the year. While the purchase price of your caravan or lodge covers the cost of the holiday home itself, the pitch fee is essentially the ground rent you pay for its pitch. Pitch or site fees are standard across holiday parks where owners can purchase a static caravan or lodge.

What Do Caravan Pitch Fees Cover?

Your annual pitch fee goes towards a great many benefits that you’ll enjoy as an owner on park.

  • Allowing you to site your caravan or lodge on its pitch within the holiday park each year
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the park
  • Access to owner services (such as maintenance), Owner Experience Team and exclusive owner events and lounges
  • Security on park, which is monitored 24 hours a day – giving you peace of mind that your holiday home and possessions remain safe
  • For parks that aren’t open 12 months of the year, your site fee also covers winter storage costs
  • Making available and connecting water and electricity to your holiday home

How Much Do Caravan Pitch Fees Cost?

Similar to other holiday park operators, our pitch or site fees vary between parks, and can also be affected by your holiday home’s pitch location within the park, as well as the size of your caravan or lodge. Our 2024 site fees range between £2,995 and £13,317 per annum.

Enquire online to find out the annual pitch fee amount for your preferred park. When you visit our parks to view our caravans for sale, our holiday home sales team will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of your chosen static caravan's running costs.

Why Do Pitch Fees Vary Between Parks?

Holiday parks in premium locations, and those offering additional facilities tend to have higher annual site fees in order to reflect these additional benefits and to cover the higher operating costs of these parks. Similarly, holiday homes which occupy bigger pitches in premium areas of the park may carry a higher annual site fee.

If location or pitch size are lower on your priority list – you can take advantage of lower annual site fees while still enjoying full access to the park and ownership community, as well as all of the great benefits that come alongside it.

Similarly, holiday parks with a longer owners’ season may have higher annual site fees than those with shorter seasons.

How Do I Pay My Pitch Fee?

Your annual pitch fee will be billed in August or September and will appear within your owner account, accessible online through our owners’ portal. You’ll also receive a paper copy of your annual pitch fee statement through the post, which will be sent to your home address. You statement will include instruction on paying your pitch fee.

The easiest way to pay your pitch fee is through our owners' portal online.

Alternatively, you can pay your pitch fee in full via BACS transfer. We also offer a direct debit scheme through our credit partners - allowing you to spread the cost monthly.

Special offers are sometimes available on pitch fees for new buyers. If you’d like to see our current offers available click here.

Do I Have To Pay a Pitch Fee If I Let My Caravan?

If you opt to join one of our popular holiday home letting schemes, Parkdean Resorts will let out your caravan or lodge when you’re not using it, and allow you to generate an income.

Any earnings from letting out your holiday home will be paid annually in November. We will automatically deduct the following year’s pitch fee from this. In many cases this means you won’t have to pay your annual pitch fee as long as your earnings from letting your holiday home meet or exceed this amount.

Your remaining earning (minus you annual pitch fee) will then be paid into your nominated bank account via BACS transfer.

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