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By Parkdean Resorts on 04/04/2018

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Springtime means trading snowflakes for snowdrops, as we say hello to the warmer weather and put the winter blues behind us. If you’re a caravan owner, this will likely mean taking your trusty vehicle out of cosy winter storage and preparing it for the endless getaways to come as spring and summer stretch out before you.

The task itself can seem a little daunting when the time comes to prepare your caravan for the spring season and get it travel-ready, but today, we’re sharing some top tips guaranteed to make this process an absolute breeze.

Book a service

After a few months of not being used, now is the best time to get your caravan serviced. This will ensure that everything is looking spick and span, and is in full working order for your next trip - from the bodywork and interior, to water, gas and electrical systems and appliances. It may be that your caravan is in need of some quick repairs, has some damp that needs to be dealt with, or has some outstanding gas or electrical safety issues to fix before it’s ready for the road - and now’s the time to find out.

There’s nothing worse than arriving on your holiday to find there that there’s a problem, and having to spend the first few days getting any outstanding problems fixed - so make sure you can spend your time doing the fun stuff, like exploring the local scenery and eating and drinking to your heart’s content, by getting all of the essential checks out of the way before you decide to hit the road.

Check everything over

A caravan service is highly recommended before you get out on the open road, although not essential - but the truth is that nobody knows your caravan as well as you do. Spend some time checking all of the important internal and external elements, ensuring that they look and perform as you remember them. The handbrake and tyres should always receive particular attention, with pressure, tread and the torque on wheel nuts all being of the utmost importance.

These checks are vital to ensuring the safety of your caravan - and easing yourself into a routine of checking these elements each spring will mean you don't forget to take a look before you decide to make the most of the warmer weather.

Damp may have gotten into the couplings on your caravan or car sockets over the winter, so it’s also crucial to clean these out in order to remove any moisture or dirt. If this is neglected, you may find yourself having to deal with any issues on the morning of your departure, which can cause delays (not to mention unwanted family disagreements!). Finally and importantly, always remember to check that all lights are in full working order.

Test the power supplies

Next on the list of priority tasks is ensuring the leisure battery is fully charged and returning the gas bottle to the caravan (assuming that’s what you use). After that, you’ll also need to thoroughly check that the fridge, cooker and any heaters still work when connected to this.

Failing to check all power supplies could result in highly inconvenient (and avoidable) problems, such as fridges being unable to safely store food, ovens being unable to cook said food and other important practical appliances being out of action for a portion (or worse, the entirety) of your trip. Put simply, to guarantee that your holiday lives up to expectations, test, test and test some more.

Clean all the pipes

Back when preparing for winter, all water systems should, at that time, have been thoroughly drained - but it’s always good sense to clean them properly before use. A sterilising fluid is an ideal option for these purposes, and should be left in the pipes for a few hours so that it can be left to do its job, before being flushed through. Once you can say to your satisfaction that everything’s squeaky clean in the pipes department, it’s time to move onto the larger cleaning task that awaits you...

Give your caravan a good clean

Depending on how you left your caravan in winter, this job could be a simple matter of maintenance or a mountainous undertaking - but taking it step by step will see you finished in no time! Start by cleaning out any musty smells that may have gathered over the winter, as this will help to keep your caravan pristine - as well as allowing it to feel fresh for the spring and summer seasons ahead.

You can freshen it up further by opening the windows and wiping down all surfaces, as well as removing cushions and other soft furnishings so that they can also be aired out. The exterior of your caravan will always benefit from a wash and a polish to keep it looking shiny and new - giving you a bright start to the season, while also keeping the bodywork healthy in the longer term. If you’re keeping an eye on the future, this exterior clean will ensure your caravan lasts far longer and, as a welcome bonus, will also improve its resale value when the time comes to sell.

Restock your caravan

Over the course of any caravan holiday, there are likely various items that you keep constantly in your caravan, as they’re needed on a regular basis - such as any food or drink items with a long shelf life. Chances are, these items were all removed and stored in a separate box over the winter - but when spring rolls back around, we’d recommend returning these to your caravan, lest you reach for the ketchup for a bacon sandwich and find that your condiments are all stored safely at home many miles away!

Caravan in the Sunshine

So, what are you waiting for? Get your caravan out of winter storage and get ready to leave the daily grind behind, watching home disappear behind you as you head out for a holiday in your road-ready vehicle. With a range of family-friendly campsites scattered across the UK, Parkdean Resorts is your passport to an unforgettable adventure this spring.