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By Parkdean Resorts on 21/01/2021

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What is glamping?

For the uninitiated, glamping is what happens when you fuse together glamour and camping. It's the most luxury form of camping. If “1” is roughing it without access to running water, toilets or showers, then glamping is a “10” on the camping spectrum.

Glamping offers the best of both worlds. Get back to nature, sleep under stars and breathe in the freshest air, while still having access to your home comforts. All the good stuff, without the niggles of traditional camping.

We offer glamping holidays in the UK at 8 of our holiday parks across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, the Isle of Wight and Norfolk. Whether you opt for a mega pod at Vauxhall or one of our more basic Safari tents, you'll be able to experience the great outdoors your way! Brand new for 2021, we now also offer glamping at Sandford Holiday Park, where you'll find 12 Safari+ tents complete with the additional luxury of a bathroom and shower, nestled within their very own village on park.



Here are just a few of our favourite reasons to go glamping this year...


1. Instant, weatherproof accommodation


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Any decent glamping establishment will offer weatherproof accommodation that is instantly ready for you to kick back and relax in. There are more ways than ever to go glamping, and whatever you choose, the weather won’t spoil your plans. Show up, drop your bags, and get ready to let the good times roll!

Are you the spontaneous type? Impulsive? Glamping is for you. As you’re not at the mercy of the unpredictable and changeable British weather, you can go glamping last minute, whenever the feeling strikes!

2. No tent woes

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Another benefit of glamping is that, gleefully, there’s no slogging over getting the tent up. If you’re a camping novice, then you'll know that it isn't always the idyllic roasting of marshmallows and s’mores by the fire that you might have dreamed of.

To avid campers, putting up the tent is a doddle. For others, particularly those new to camping, erecting a tent with a partner can be a quick road to divorce.

With glamping there are thankfully no domestics with friends or family members as to which pole goes where. The hard work’s already been done for you.

3. Pack light with built-in mod-cons

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Glamping comes with a whole host of mod-cons you wouldn’t normally get with camping. Many people who enjoy traditional camping enjoy going back to basics and living without luxuries. For them, it’s part of the experience. Seasoned campers might view glamping as a slightly wimpier form of camping. Others say it is simply camping in style.

We say it is camping without compromise. With glamping, you’ll have access to all the modern conveniences of hotel living, while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. Pack light with appliances like kettles, electric hobs, microwaves and fridges provided for you.

4. Beds made for beauty sleep

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Unless you’re a pro at camping and well organised, getting 40 winks can be a bit of a slog in a tent due to uneven ground and lack of space. 

There's also the problem of pesky critters. Not a fan of spiders? Or beetles? Nor are we. And especially not fans of sharing a bed with them either. While any sort of outdoor living (or indeed in British summertime, any form of living) is likely to involve contact with insects or creepy crawlies, glamping at least protects you while you sleep.

With a proper bed for the night, fluffy pillows and soft bed linen, you won’t wake up feeling like you need a 3-hour Swedish deep-tissue massage to face the day.

5. No need to ration water

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There’s also no need to ration every drop of water. With our glamping options and camping pitches, there’ll always be enough running water to eviscerate any remaining vestiges of morning breath. There’ll be plenty to keep you hydrated and oodles for making morning brews!

6. Al fresco dining

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With glamping, you can usually look forward to outdoor decking areas with furniture.

They’re the perfect spot for relaxing on your veranda with a hot cup of fresh coffee in hand, watching the sun come up before your day of adventures begins. Unwind on a balmy summer’s evening with a glass of fizz, as the stars come out one by one.

Dine alfresco with a picnic for lunch, or fire up the BBQ for that quintessential, smoky taste of summer.

7. Go unplugged (if you want to)

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One undisputed benefit of camping is the ability to go unplugged. There's often no access to electricity and by day 3 you've run out of battery. Goodbye Instagram, farewell dear Facebook, so long Twitter...

Camping can offer the perfect digital detox. But for many people, the prospect of being completely phoneless makes them anxious.

Glamping is a good middle ground. There’s no need to close every app in a desperate bid to conserve battery. Listen to Spotify 'til your heart's content, update your feed and use Google Maps on the way home. With lighting, electricity and sockets in your accommodation, be as connected or as disconnected as you like.

8. Get outdoors

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Holidays are supposed to be relaxing. With a glamping break, we take care of the practical things, so you can get straight outside.

Walk through lush meadows in summer, enjoy crisp winter wanders, stroll along the seafront in autumn, or bike through forests as the buds emerge in spring. There's so much natural beauty around every corner, just waiting to be discovered.

9. Discover spectacular places to visit


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St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Many glamping destinations put some of the world's most Instagrammable places right on your doorstep. You won't have to travel far to behold some of mother nature's most magical wonders. Feast your eyes at mesmerising St Michael's Mount, or discover the picture-pretty fishing village of Polperro, both just a short drive away from our Holywell Bay glamping park.

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Polperro, a pretty fishing village in Cornwall

10. Try something new

The best thing of all? The opportunity to try something new. Most of us have been camping, or have stayed in a caravan or lodge, but not everyone has been glamping.

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We think everyone should try glamping at least once! With affordable options and unusual places to stay from pods, and safari tents in places like the magnificent Isle of Wight, the glorious shores of Devon, Dorset and even idyllic Cornwall, there’s never been a better time..

Do something different this year, go glamping!