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By Parkdean Resorts on 17/05/2022

Mother putting her child in a car seat

As summer (finally!) arrives, many of us will be planning trips away to enjoy the beautiful British holiday parks on offer. You’ve sorted your destination, you’ve booked a place to stay, and you might even have some activities mapped out - but have you thought about the most important thing: what to do with the kids?

Travelling with kids is something that can add a little stress to even the most relaxing of breaks. We’ve put together our top tips to keep them entertained, you stress-free, and your journey just as enjoyable as your time away.


Plan ahead

Plot your journey and work out stops along the way. Figure out where you’ll pull over for toilet breaks, food, or just to stretch your legs. Babies should only stay in a car seat for a maximum of two hours, which is handy - 90% of Great Britain is within two hours of a Parkdean Resorts holiday park. This makes your journeys shorter, planning easier, and gives you the option to be a little more spontaneous. Fancy a UK holiday this weekend? You’re just a short drive away.

Finally, keep a look out for any traffic announcements so you can avoid delays. No-one likes being stuck in traffic jams, no matter how big of a kid you are.


Take entertainment

Books, iPads or even games can give children plenty of fun while you drive. Just remember - some kids will experience travel sickness, so you should opt for entertainment that doesn’t require them to focus. You can try travel games such as I Spy, or play musical games over your speakers.


Play music

And not just any music. Certain songs can help keep kids calm. Research suggests music with a beats per minute (bpm) of around 60 can relax passengers. These 10 songs all have 60bpm, and are certified travelling bops (for the kids, and the adults!).

Playlist for car journeys with children


Meal prep

Eating food at motorway service stations can soon get expensive, so take your lunch with you. Choose food that won’t stink the car out or go off in the heat. Remember to pull over before you tuck in - it’s a good opportunity for a well-earned break.


Nominate a grown-up

Having an older child or a grown-up sit in the back with the kids can really help keep them entertained. It’s also a great way to prevent any potential misbehaving. Take it in turns where possible so the kids stay stimulated and the grown-up gets a break.


Pack for the weather

Even on the sunniest of days, the British weather can turn. Take blankets in case the journey gets chilly, making it easy for your children to stay warm and maybe even nod off.


Ready to plan your next UK holiday?

We’ve got holiday parks in some of the most stunning locations across the UK. Whether you fancy sunning it up by the beach, trekking through the countryside or exploring a historical town, you’ll find everything you need for an incredible time with Parkdean Resorts.

If all this talk of taking a trip away has got you in the mood for a last-minute break, explore our holiday parks today and get ready for an unforgettable experience.