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By Parkdean Resorts on 05/05/2018


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Here in the UK, we are blessed with a hugely diverse landscape, from sandy beaches and hidden Cornish coves to imposing Cumbrian fells and mountains. With all this to explore, there’s a real advantage to keeping your passport in your drawer and making the most of what the UK has to offer. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why this is a great option.

Travel time

You don’t have to venture very far to find a great getaway in the UK, be it in the valleys of the Lake District or along the expansive stretches of coastline - and when you compare that with the hours spent sat in uncomfortable seats in airports or sat in continental traffic, a ‘staycation’ just makes sense. When travelling with the kids, this quick travel time can be a massive advantage - keeping the whole family happy and getting you to your desired destination faster, so your holiday can start as soon as possible.


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Environment and economy

Cheap air fares are all well and good, but they are catastrophic for the environment as a whole. Holidaying locally is undoubtedly a greener option, especially if you hit the road with family and friends and drive a short distance to a conveniently placed holiday park. You’re also contributing to the UK’s economy when opting to take a ‘staycation’ - as the tourism market in England alone is worth £106 billion, and employs over two million people!

The bottom line

It may be obvious to many that not forking out for expensive flights will help them save money. We’ve got fantastic deals on great value trips to our parks all over the UK, so you can enjoy a cheap holiday without having to travel further afield.

The cost, however, is just one of reasons for taking a UK holiday. While undoubtedly an advantage, let’s focus on the sheer beauty and variety of destinations available in the UK, starting with…

The Cornish Riviera

The French Riviera is undeniably beautiful, but can you get a quality clotted cream scone in Cannes? Is the seafood as good as a fresh catch off the British coast? We don’t think so. Attractive towns like Port Isaac and Padstow are just as good as those on the south coast of France. In fact, the beaches and sea views, as well as the light, has attracted painters and artists of all stripes to the far south west of England, in much the same way as the south of France. With no baggage restrictions or tricky flight times, you’ll be in holiday mode before you even arrive, making Cornwall a fantastic destination for a relaxing, sun-kissed mini-break.


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The traditional seaside: hundreds of years of heritage

A huge number of our holiday parks are within easy distance of some of Britain's best traditional holiday resorts - harking back to the age of Victorian seaside fun. Yes, the weather might not be as reliable as the Mediterranean, but people have been flocking to resorts such as Great Yarmouth and Ryde on the Isle of Wight for generations - and with traditional arcades and entertainment, you’ll be transported back to the heyday of UK holidays.

To get involved in a traditional, time-tested type of holiday, have a browse of our holiday parks in East Anglia and the Isle of Wight and get excited about planning your next seaside adventure.

You’ll make the most of the good weather

When it comes to weather, the UK is notoriously unreliable - so it’s no wonder we’re tempted to board a plane and head off in search of guaranteed sunny days. However, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a great summer’s day in the UK - and because they’re few and far between, you’ll be sure to make the most of the warmer weather. A great idea is to spend a whole glorious day at the beach, or take advantage of a clear day’s view from the top of a Lake District mountain. On hot British summer days, you’ll wonder why you ever considered taking a holiday in the Mediterranean!


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New friends for life

Families who choose Parkdean Resorts often find that their kids get friendly with other children on neighbouring pitches during their stay. Some visitors come back time and time again to meet up with the same families and enjoy years of blossoming friendships - just one of the many advantages of staying closer to home.

This is an easy thing to do when holidaying in the UK, as there are far fewer hoops to jump through in order to book the same holiday destination at the same time. Just book your stay in your preferred holiday park, hop in the car and go - no passports or travel insurance needed!

Thinking of booking a summer 2018 staycation? Have a browse of our full range of holiday parks today!