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By Parkdean Resorts on 04/05/2018

Nodes Point

A stunningly beautiful holiday resort in its own right, Nodes Point Holiday Park has a great array of amenities and activities available on site. However, we know that for some of the adventurers among us, this isn’t enough. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place - as this is our complete guide to Nodes Point, St Helens, Ryde and the surrounding area.

One of the main lures of Nodes Point is its location - situated on the coast, only a short stroll away from the luxurious St Helens beach and the truly stunning Priory Bay. If you’re heading over in summer and are lucky enough to be here on a beautifully sunny day, you will see this gorgeous spot at its very best.


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The beach: for water sport enthusiasts and nature lovers

A good medium sized stretch, St Helens beach is surprisingly quiet all year round. Especially for those with families, the beach is an attractive location and the numerous rock pools provide the perfect place to introduce the kids to nature. All you’ll need is a net and a bucket, so it’s an ideal cheap family activity - just watch out for those nippy crabs!

The beach itself and the town as a whole is known for its association with many different kinds of water activities. With unique beach huts that are converted from old railway wagons and St Helens fort out to sea, there’s something on offer for every visitor. Plus, even when the sun gets too hot or the high tide makes it too wet to stay beachside, the town of St Helens itself has plenty to offer. Nearby you’ll find The Vine Inn pub, which is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a drink and a hearty meal after a hard day exploring.


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The village green: for those with a more relaxed approach

When you ask the general public to think of something quintessentially English, it’s more than likely that they will think of quaint village greens and cricket, among other things. This idea of Englishness attracts millions of people to our little island every year, and it is something that we should celebrate. If this rural idyll approach sounds like a perfect holiday, then St Helens is the ideal place for you to visit during your stay, with the town boasting England’s largest village green.

During the summer, this green is used by the local cricket team, so all you’ll need for a relaxed Saturday is a glass of Pimms, a deckchair and the sound of leather on willow. Once you tire of this, or if you get a little bit peckish, then there’s plenty on offer. The green is located next to the shops and there are several amazing restaurants in the village, such as the fantastic Dan’s Kitchen. Many of these even look out over the harbour, providing the perfect romantic view for couples on a quiet break.

The surrounding area: for true adventurers

Rural, quaint villages and scenic beaches are perfect if you’re after a relaxing holiday, but what if you want to roam further and experience true adventure? If we widen our net to cover Bembridge, Sea View and St Helens, then a wealth of activities ranging from fishing trips and golf to wildlife encounters are available. With local events supplementing these each and every single week, there really is an abundance of things to do, no matter how large your sense of adventure.


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Ryde: a lively resort

Slightly further afield, Ryde is the second largest settlement on the island and a traditional seaside resort that bustles with daily summertime activity. In fact, you might well have arrived on the island at Ryde from the Wightlink ferry or by hovercraft - but this town is much more than a thoroughfare.

Featuring a fantastic esplanade with plenty of activities for the kids - such as bowling and an arcade - there is also a beach with ample space for all sorts of seaside fun. Ryde also boasts some of the island’s biggest annual events, like the Isle of Wight Scooter Rally and the International Classic Car Show - so check the calendar when you’re nearby to make sure you don’t miss out!

So, whether you’d rather stay on camp and take advantage of all the top class amenities, visit the beach to soak up some sun or take a relaxing trip to the village green, Nodes Point Holiday Park has something to offer each and every single visitor. For true adventurers, you can even expand your horizons further with trips and excursions that will create memories to last a lifetime.