By Parkdean Resorts on 14/11/2018

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We’ve all got one. A dust-gathering shoebox in the back of a wardrobe somewhere, full of nostalgic old holiday photos that take us back to happy times. Times when a 99 ice cream really was 99p, you didn’t have to remortgage your house to buy a Freddo, and holiday activities included burying a sibling in powder-soft sand, skimming stones and hanging on for dear life on a donkey ride. There wasn’t an iPad in sight.

Well, we want to take you back to those happy times. Those prehistoric days when parents took photos of reluctant teenagers and triumphant toddlers on bulky disposable cameras. Days when we paid to have our photographs printed and the term “selfie sticks” was yet to be coined. The days before Kodak was made obsolete by Instagram and we all flocked exclusively to the sunny shores of Britain’s beaches for our summer holidays.

We asked you to dig out that dusty old shoebox and show us your favourite holiday snaps from years gone by. And, putting aside any residual worries of bad 80s perms and mortifying ensembles, you did! Take a look at all the amazing memories you've shared with us…

Take Me Back to… Cornwall

Cornwall has always been a favourite holiday spot for families across the UK. Long before the Eden Project popped up, happy holidaymakers escaped to the South Coast to enjoy its spectacular scenery and beautiful beaches. And let’s not forget the main draw – melt-in-the-mouth Cornish ice-cream!

As visitors will know, Cornwall is home to many places that have escaped the ravages of time. Many of the images we received, ranging from the 1950s up until as recently as 2015, show people of all ages frolicking in the world-famous waves at Newquay. This much-loved surfer’s paradise has been a prominent feature in many a family’s photo album. Although a few more buildings have become nestled in its charming hillside, Newquay remains relatively unchanged, and it is still the beach paradise it was half a century ago. Another hive of activity is Porthminster Beach. This small slice of beach heaven has been pulling in families and artists since the 1920s. The glittering bay and azure waters of this postcard-pretty Blue Flag beach lie just steps away from St. Ives' vibrant town centre. The perfect antidote to hectic modern life! Take a peek at some of your favourite memories of Cornwall…

Image beach

1980s: The Coast, Cornwall - courtesy of PIctures in Cornwall


If this trip down memory lane has you pining for the best of Britain’s beaches, then check out our holiday parks in Cornwall.

Take Me Back to… Devon

Reminiscing about trips to Devon is always bound to send you into a complete state of bliss and relaxation. Taking just a few of its finest beaches as examples, such as WoolacombeSaunton Sands, and Paignton Sands, Devon radiates quintessential British summer holiday seaside charm. Flanked by evergreens and wind-bent pines, idyllic Blackpool Sands has been a popular beach holiday destination for decades. The laid-back atmosphere of the county is one of its most memorable factors. Combine that with its glorious golden sands, exquisite sunsets and heavenly clotted cream teas, and it’s no wonder people choose to go back year after year.

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1950: Torcross Village, Devon - courtesy of Welcome to South Devon


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Take Me Back to… Dorset

Dorset is the epitome of nostalgia, even when visiting for the first time! The evocative old-timey market towns, bustling marinas and historic houses have always made visitors feel instantly connected with the past.

Today it’s famous for mesmerising Lulworth Cove and one of nature’s best preserved natural wonders - Durdle Door – a remarkable 10,000-year-old limestone arch lapped by turquoise waters.

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1950s: Weymouth Carnival, Dorset - courtesy of Dorset - Weymouth


If you want to photograph two of the most Instagrammable places in the UK for yourself, check out our nearby holiday parks in Dorset to behold sights that are guaranteed to etch themselves into your mind.

Take Me Back to… Norfolk

There were always two sides to a family holiday in Norfolk. There were the days spent watching the passing sailing boats and counting windmills, and there were the days every child dreamed of, spent visiting Great Yarmouth! These heady beach days are remembered by the sweet taste of candy floss and stripy rock, the nauseating feeling of donkey rides after polishing off one too many sweets, and the tinkling sounds of slot machines. Cromer Beach is another jewel in Norfolk’s crown, with bags of Victorian seaside charm and an award-winning pier.

Image beach

From left to right: The Broads, Norfolk: 1980s and 1971 - courtesy of Visit Britain and Sharon Hedge. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: 1990 - courtesy of Claire Haskett


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Take Me Back to… Wales

Anyone who has holidayed in Wales will agree that the sublime views, rolling countryside and rugged cliffs leave quite an impression. However, there’s one thing we bet you don’t remember about your trip to Wales - how to pronounce the names of the places you visited!

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1970s: Trecoo Bay, South Wales


If our photographs have you longing for the rolling Welsh countryside, it’s not too late to book a gorgeous Welsh getaway. No welsh pronunciation required. Phew!

Take Me Back to… Scotland

A childhood visit to Scotland is hard to forget. For most of us, it is a magical experience. A land of magnificent mountains, mysterious lochs and majestic castles, visiting Scotland only left us wanting to go back for more. And you can! With its fine whisky distilleries and incredible scenery, it has lots to appeal to grown-ups, too. Whether you’re hunting for Nessie, enjoying breath-taking views at Loch Lomond or trying to reel in a whopper from Loch Tay, the choice is yours. Relive the magic with a break in Scotland.

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From left to right: Kenmore, Tayside: 1970 - courtesy of Visit Britain. Weymyss Bay: 1970 - Parkdean Resorts. Loch Lomond: 1955 - courtesy of NCC


You’re going to need another shoebox.

After rummaging around the shoebox it’s hard not to think about the past as the golden age of holidays. But classic beach-side fun never goes out of fashion, and we have over 70 award-winning parks around the country to help you make more memories that will last a lifetime. Keep sharing your shoebox snaps and photo album finds with us on Facebook, tweet us with #TakeMeBack at @Parkdeanresorts and tag us on Instagram.