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By Parkdean Resorts on 05/09/2017

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Whether they’re hidden away in peaceful gardens or part of an exciting visitor attraction, there are many places in Britain where you can get lost in a maze.

Britain has the largest number of mazes in the world, some of which have been confusing and delighting visitors for hundreds of years. With twists and turns, towering hedges and puzzles to solve, mazes are both entertaining and magical, and are perfect fun for all the family.

Here at Parkdean Resorts, we’ve unearthed some of the best mazes in Britain so you can enjoy an amazing day out on your next holiday with us.

York Maze, Yorkshire

York Maze isn’t just Britain’s largest maze, it’s an action-packed day out for all the family. Only an hour from Cayton Bay Holiday Park, lose yourself in 4 different mazes and enjoy over 20 different rides and attractions.

The highlight of a visit is the giant Maize Maze, created from over one million plants. Take the challenge and navigate the many pathways, covering an area larger than the size of 8 football pitches. Solve the puzzles along the way to win a prize and find your way to the centre, then see if you can remember your way back out again.

There’s also 3 other mazes to explore on a visit. In the Maze of Illusions you’ll be faced with mind-bending puzzles and mirror tricks, such as pictures that move before your eyes. Get lost in the Mineshaft Maze, a 3D labyrinth of tunnels, walkways and bridges. In the Finger Fortune Maze, create coloured patterns using your fingers then discover what this means at the end - but beware, you might have to do a forfeit!

It’s not just exciting mazes to enjoy on a visit. Race around the Cobstacle Course and bounce around on the Jumping Pillow, a huge inflatable trampoline. There are also slides, a mountain made out of haybales, a climbing zone and the Cob Cliff Challenge to tackle too. Enter the Kernel’s House of Confusion, with its rooms that seem to shrink and turn upside down, and jump on board the Crowmania 2 Ride, which promises lots of fun and surprises along the way.



Video sourced from York Maze

Glendurgan Garden, Cornwall

One of Cornwall’s most beautiful gardens, Glendurgan is full of surprises. Only 30 minutes from Lizard Point Holiday Park, Glendurgan Gardens is home to a unique maze that dates back to the 1800s.

Planted over 175 years ago, the maze at Glendurgan was created by the garden’s former owners, Alfred and Sarah, to entertain their 12 children. Race to the middle and solve the zig-zags of the hedges, to see who can reach the centre first. With the coils of the maze stretching over three quarters of a mile from entrance to exit, it’s not hard to get lost in the spiralled labyrinth.

Once you’ve solved the maze, there’s plenty to enjoy in the beautiful gardens. Wander through towering exotic shrubs and plants, and follow a family friendly trail where you’ll learn all about nature and local wildlife. Whizz around the Giant’s Stride, a rotating rope swing, which gets faster and faster as more people join in.

After exploring the gardens, wander down to the foot of the garden where you’ll find Durgan Beach. This sunny, sheltered bay is the perfect place to play or enjoy a family picnic. Build sandcastles, explore the rockpools and relax on the sand as you watch the boats heading into the harbour.

Video sourced from Paul Dinning

Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire

With magical mazes, roaming wild animals and a magnificent stately home and gardens, Longleat Safari Park is well worth a visit. Less than an hour and a half from Warmwell Holiday Park, there’s so much to enjoy.  

Created in 1975, the Longleat’s hedge maze is amongst the largest mazes in Britain. Made up of over 16,000 yew trees, with nearly two miles of paths to explore, you’ll have lots of fun trying to race to the middle. With countless dead-ends and confusing twists and turns, this maze was designed to keep everyone guessing. See if you can find your way to the central observation tower, then try and remember your way back out again.

Once you’ve found your way back to the beginning, there are hundreds of exotic species and amazing animals to see at Longleat. Hop into your cars and head out on a wildlife safari. Get up close and personal to mischievous monkeys, lions, tigers, wolves and see the fastest animals in the world in Cheetah Kingdom. Don’t miss the white rhinos in the Big Game Park and say hello to Anne, the rescue elephant.

Explore Longleat on foot and take a stroll around the African Village and Walking Safari. Head out onto the special viewing platform where you’ll come close to giraffes and zebras, and meet the ring-tailed lemurs, wallabies, warthogs and pygmy goats. There’s also Penguin Island, where you can see these playful creatures splashing about, a jungle cruise, Gorilla Island and an adventure play area for the kids to go wild in.  

Video sourced from Tomand Steffi

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