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By Parkdean Resorts on 31/10/2018

British Forest

With so much of our lives today spent surrounded by technology, we rarely get the chance to venture out into the wild. Forests and woodland areas in Britain are truly magical all year round. Come rain or shine, there are activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you want to relax whilst taking in the surrounding views, spend time looking out for rare wildlife, or play with the children whilst they’re following trails, Britain’s forests offer something for everyone.

Britain is home to some of the most fantastic forests on earth, so if you haven’t yet considered this type of getaway, now would be a brilliant time to. Here at Parkdean Resorts, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite forests and woodlands that are definitely worth visiting.

Grizedale Forest, Lake District

Nestled within the centre of the Lake District, Grizedale Forest is renowned as one of Britain’s most beautiful forested areas. Located between Coniston and Windemere, it’s the perfect place for a scenic stroll, an exciting bike trail, and a family day out.

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Whether you’re looking for an escape or an adventure, Grizadale is the place to go. There are over 90 sculptures dotted across the park, which can be both fun and educational if you are bringing children along. For those seeking a bit of adventure, there are numerous bike trails to choose from.

Just over 30 minutes from three of our holiday parks in the Lake District, this huge area of forestry promises to take your breath away with its gorgeous sights and exciting activities.

Hackfall Wood, North Yorkshire

Hackfall Wood is one of North Yorkshire’s greatest treasures. Surprisingly, the location is a manmade structure with a rocky history. Famous landscaper, John Aislabie bought the woodland in 1731, and slowly began to tame its messy wildness into something magnificent.

Having been shaped by so many different hands through the decades, the area is now in its prime. There are a variety of options for those looking to either take in the sights, or for those who have some serious trekking in mind. One of the most popular circuit routes is known as “The Aislabie Trail”, where walkers can opt for a short, medium, or long trail path.


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Now is the best time of the year to visit, as spring adds to the forest’s impressive collection of birds, insects, and wildlife, including King Fishers. With Todber Valley Holiday Park located just over an hour away, why not grab the opportunity to see a masterpiece of Yorkshire’s history for yourself?

New Forest, Hampshire

Just over 30 minutes away from Sandford Holiday Park is New Forest, a beautiful and tranquil National Park in Hampshire. This unique space offers a variety of attractions, including a historical forest, cliffside landscapes, and huge areas of traditional English moorland.

New Forest is also a special place for wildlife enthusiasts, as it offers visitors a rare chance to see ponies, cattle, donkeys, and deer, roaming free around the area. There’s plenty of activities to try around this peaceful National Park, including walking, cycling, horse riding, and golf. When you’ve had enough activities for one day, you can unwind and relax in one of the many traditional country pubs around the area.

Whether you want to visit during beautiful sunshine or you fancy a cosy winter’s walk, this 556 square km area of unspoilt forest is the perfect place to visit at any time of year.


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Pressmennan Wood, East Lothian

Pressmennan Wood is the perfect place for a family day out. Well-known for being the home to many sculpted creatures and fairies, kids can follow the mysterious trail through the woods, on a mission to find their magical houses.

Whilst the children are searching high and low, you can take in the panoramic views of the natural woodland surroundings, and take a stroll around Pressmennan Lake. The area is also a haven for plant enthusiasts in spring, when you’re likely to see conifers, wild garlic, dog’s mercury, and wild raspberries.

Just over 30 minutes from Eyemouth Holiday Park, the Wood is home to deer, hares, bats, otters, and owls - so make sure you keep your eyes peeled when wandering through the 200 acres of woodland.


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If you’ve visited any fantastic forests or woods, we’d love to hear all about it on our Twitter or Facebook Page.