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By Parkdean Resorts on 23/09/2016

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For some holiday-makers there’s nothing better than going out for a day of cycling. Not only is cycling great for your health, but the whole family can take part and you get to to take in some of Britain’s most spectacular scenery. Below are some of our favourite cycling routes - all of the routes are virtually traffic-free and are safe for your family.

Aberavon Promenade (South Wales)

Length: 2 Miles
Estimated Time: 15-20 Minutes
Nearest Holiday Park: Trecco Bay 
Family Friendly? Very, take the kids and the family along on this beach-side ride and then head down to the shore afterwards for some relaxation on the gorgeous sandy beach.
Description: A simple and pleasant beachside ride down a quietly beautiful promenade. The route is easy to drive to, just head to Aberavon Beach in Port Talbot. You’ll be treated to some great views of the Gower peninsula and the nearby sand-dunes are great for playing.

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Frinton-on-Sea to Clacton-on-Sea (Essex)

Length: 5.5 Miles
Estimated Time: 1 hour
Nearest Holiday Park:Naze MarineValley FarmMartello Beach and Highfield Grange are all close by. (Link to park pages)
Family Friendly? Flat wide paths and no traffic at all – a perfect route for novices and sightseers.
Description: Heading out from Frinton Golf Club and joining route 51 on the National Cycle Network, this scenic seaside path takes you all the way to Jaywick, though you may want to stop and pay a visit to the famous 19th century Pier at Clacton-on-Sea before continuing on your travels.


Alnmouth to Druridge Bay (Northumberland)

Length: 9 Miles
Estimated Time: 2 Hours
Nearest Holiday Park:Cresswell Towers
Family Friendly? The start of the trail and a section through Alnmouth Town Centre will require care for children or beginners due to short road sections. Otherwise the route is traffic free and a relatively gentle ride. If you’re looking for a shorter and safer version, stick to the 7 mile Druridge Bay beach.
Description: This coastal route takes in the majestic Northumberland coastline, with castles and child-friendly attractions along the way. The trail begins in Alnmouth, turning off onto a mile-long traffic-free path southerly, before reaching a coastal trail that leads to Warkworth Castle. Follow signs to Amble then follow the traffic-free path onto Druridge Bay. Druridge Bay is home to several species of bird, from Swans to far rarer species and you can stay on the coastal path all the way back to the Cresswell Towers Holiday Park.

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Camel Trail (Cornwall)

Length: Up to 18 Miles
Estimated Time: 3 Hours
Nearest Holiday Park:St. Miniver
Family Friendly? The route is nearly entirely flat and follows along a disused railway path, meaning it’s perfect for family cycling. If your party includes children or beginners, plan accordingly rather than trying to do the whole route!
Description: One of the most popular family cycling routes in the country, the Camel Trail follows a disused railway line that takes you through the gorgeous Camel Estuary, picturesque woodland and past scenic seaside towns and villages. The trail can easily be split into shorter stretches if the full length proves too far!For more great cycling routes check out our intermediate guide as well as