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9 Fitness Challenges to Take on in 2018

Dust off those trainers and get fit this summer

Parkdean Resorts by Parkdean Resorts on 06/06/2018
Tough Mudder

Whether you’re an exercise addict or looking to test your limits, why not try a fitness challenge this summer? Not only is this a great chance to get your heart racing but it’s also the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors!

We've handpicked some of the UK's best fitness challenges, so if revisiting a New Year’s Resolution, wanting spend more time outdoors or simply keen push yourself to try something new, you're in the perfect place to start.

Brooks Snowdonia Marathon

Experience beautiful scenery, fresh country air and team spirit at this epic event.

What is the Brooks Snowdonia Marathon?

If you’re looking to take your running to the next level in 2018, the Brooks Snowdonia Marathon could be the perfect race. Not for the faint-hearted, the 26 mile route is known as one of the toughest in the UK - thanks to its challenging hills and exposed trails. Challenges come with rewards, though, and this marathon is no exception.

When and where is the Brooks Snowdonia Marathon held?

No prizes for guessing that the Brooks Snowdonia Marathon is held in Wales. With stunning views over the Snowdonia National Park, this is the perfect way to see Wales’ most beautiful landscapes while getting a sweat on. The marathon takes place on 27th October 2018, so pack a raincoat!

Where to stay for the Brooks Snowdonia Marathon?

With the starting point just 45 minutes’ drive from Ty Mawr Holiday Park, why not follow your challenge with a relaxing break on the beautiful North Wales coast?


Image courtesy of Brooks Snowdonia Marathon / SportpictureCymru

Tough Mudder Yorkshire

Get competitive with your mates or bring your own office along to this next event. Beware... leave your favourite trainers at home because this is going to get messy!

What is Tough Mudder Yorkshire?

Yorkshire’s Tough Mudder event is a serious test of stamina, strength and teamwork. With no winners or clocks to race against, Tough Mudder is all about taking on the challenge.  As the name suggests, you can expect plenty of mud - as well as challenging obstacles and even ice pools, all designed to find out whether you’re made of the tough stuff! Don't worry though, we promise there's plenty of fun on offer too! It's the perfect challenge to take on with your friends and family.

When and where is Tough Mudder Yorkshire?

This summer’s epic Tough Mudder adventure will take place on 28-29th July 2018 at Broughton Hall, Skipton.

Where to stay for Tough Mudder Yorkshire?

Taking part in Tough Mudder Yorkshire? Why not unwind afterwards with a relaxing stay at Todber Valley Holiday Park.

Highlights from 2017's Tough Mudder - Video courtesy of Tough Mudder

Great East Swim

Take a dip in the refreshing waters of Alton Water for the next event. Brace yourself, it's cold but you'll be amazed at how fun this fantastic adventure will be.

What is the Great East Swim?

If pounding the pavement isn’t your thing, a swimming challenge could be just what you need to achieve your fitness goals and raise money for a great cause. The Great East Swim  is the perfect challenge for first timers as you can tailor your challenge to your ability.

When and where is the Great East Swim?

Taking place annually at Alton Water, just outside Ipswich in Suffolk, The Great East Swim offers participants the chance to take part in a variety of swimming challenges, ranging from a half-mile to 10km swim. This year’s event will occur on 23rd June 2018

Where to stay for the Great East Swim?

Looking for somewhere to stay? Weeley Bridge Holiday Park is just 16 miles away, making it the perfect place to warm up and dry off with a relaxing break following your challenge.

Great East Swim

Image courtesy of The Great Run Company

Great North Run

There's nothing more fun than running this awesome event with a bunch of friendly Northerners as well as visitors from afar. Fancy dress and charity sponsorships are abundant, so this next event is perfect for anyone who doesn't like to take themselves too seriously.

What is the Great North Run?

Perhaps one of the UK’s most famous running events, the Simplyhealth Great North Run has graced Tyneside every year since 1981 - going on to become the biggest half marathon in the world, with over a million people having crossed the finish line. With everyone from elite professional athletes to first timers in fancy dress welcome, the Great North Run offers the perfect challenge for the new year.

When and where is the Great North Run?

The Great North Run kicks off at Newcastle’s city centre and takes runners on a tour of Tyneside, ending at the beautiful South Shields coast. This year’s GNR will hit the region on 9th September.

Where to stay for the Great North Run?

With 57,000 runners taking part annually, accommodation can be few and far between. Why not relax after the run in your own home away from home at Whitley Bay Caravan Park - it's just 30 minutes away from the starting line and can easily be reached by public transport.

Last year's Great North Run - Video courtesy of GreatRunTV

Great Scottish Swim

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, this next event will amaze you as participants swim lengths across one of Scotland's most famous lochs under the country's stunning landscapes.

What is the Great Scottish Swim?

As with the Great East Swim, participants of the Great Scottish Swim can choose from a variety of challenges to match their swimming ability. The event brings together elite swimmers, amateur athletes and complete beginners to compete in a timed swim.

When and where does the Great Scottish Swim take place?

Take a dip in the UK’s largest inland stretch of watch, Loch Loman. Entering the water at Balloch Pier, the loch’s most southerly point, swimmers head out into the depths of the loch before looping back around and crossing the finishing line on the adjacent beach. With the stunning scenery of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park all around you, we can't think of a finer place to take a dip!

Where to stay for the Great Scottish Swim?

It would be a shame to miss out on what this beautiful corner of Scotland has to offer - so treat yourself to a break at Wemyss Bay Holiday Park, situated less than an hour away away from the start line.

Great Scottish swim

Image courtesy of The Great Run Company

Isle of Wight Challenge

There's no better way to see the whole of the Isle of Wight than with this next challenge. Explore the entire coastline with hundreds of other enthusiastic ramblers and discover the Isle's Jurassic past along the journey.

What is the Isle of Wight Challenge?

If walking is more your thing (although nobody’s stopping you from running it!), the Isle of Wight Challenge could be the perfect goal to set yourself this year. In this challenge, participants from across the UK aim to conquer the isle by attempting to walk, jog or run the entirety of the island’s 106km coastline!

This circumnavigation of the island continues through the night, with the event running non-stop for the whole weekend. While walking the full route usually takes between 20 and 33 hours, shorter challenges are available with a half and quarter island challenge running alongside the full event.

Whichever distance you choose, you’ll find plenty of support along the way - with rest stops providing hot meals, snacks, drinks and plenty of encouragement to keep you going.

When and where is the Isle of Wight Challenge?

Don’t forget to pack your walking shoes for this event, which takes places on 5th-6th May 2018 at various locations across the Isle.

Where to stay for the Isle of Wight Challenge?

Fancy taking part? Why not follow your challenge with a relaxing break at one of our holiday parks on the island, you’ll need a rest after hiking through the night after all!

Isle of Wight Challenge

Image courtesy of Action Challenge

Great North SwimRun

What is the Great North SwimRun?

Can’t make your mind up when it comes to choosing a fitness challenge? Get the best of both worlds with the Great North SwimRun. Unlike other solo challenges, participants must complete the SwimRun in pairs - traversing the course on water and land as they help each other navigate to the finish line.

With a choice of ‘Short’, ‘Middle’ or ‘Endurance’ routes ranging from 10.6km to 36.5km, the event attracts everyone from friends and couples looking for an exhilarating challenge to serious athletes looking to hone their craft.

When and where is the Great North SwimRun?

Taking place in Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District National Park, you couldn’t ask for better surroundings.  This year’s event will occur on 9th June.

Where to stay for the Great North SwimRun?

You’ll need somewhere to dry off, rest and regale following all that hard work, so why not pair the challenge with a stay at one of our holiday parks in the region and explore more of what the Lake District has to offer.

Taking on the Great North SwimRun - Video courtesy of Greatswimtv

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