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What do I need to bring to my holiday home?

Our caravans and lodges come with plenty of essentials, from bedding to heating, however, there are a few items you'll need to bring with you on holiday.

If you've booked a caravan, you'll need to bring your own towels (these are provided in our lodges). For all accommodation, you'll also want to bring your own toiletries, washing up liquid, a sponge and tea towels etc.

Our accommodation comes with glasses, mugs, crockery and cutlery - as well as basic cookware like pots, pans and a baking tray. If you think you might need any specialty utensils or cookware, you'll want to bring these with you. If you're planning to cook, it's a good idea to bring cupboard essentials like seasonings, cooking oil and condiments from home, to save you from having to buy extras when you do your holiday food shop.

Then of course, you'll need to pack clothing essentials. The weather is famously changeable in the UK, so make sure you bring some warmer options and a waterproof too. In wet weather the grass around your holiday home can get muddy too, so it's worth bringing an extra pair of shoes as a backup. Our top tip is to bring a pair of slippers to make your evenings in your caravan extra cosy.

If you're planning to spend any time outdoors, don't forget to bring your SPF.