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Parkdean Resorts introduce e-Power Trucks to parks

Parkdean Resorts by Parkdean Resorts on 28/11/2023
ePower Trucks in a line

We are excited to announce the arrival of new ePowerTrucks to our parks.

Over the next year, we’ll have 300 ePowerTrucks across our parks, with the first 31 arriving this week!

This initiative is in an effort to reduce our carbon emissions by replacing fuel vehicles with electric ones.

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. They are more efficient, cleaner, and quieter than traditional diesel vehicles. Research shows that carbon emissions from electric vehicles are around 30% lower than petrol cars in the UK.

Working with ePowerTrucks - Electric Vehicle Specialists, we’re looking forward to driving sustainability and working towards a greener future.

e-Power Truck