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Scenets of the sea

Bring the unforgettable scents of the Great British seaside into your home. From the nostalgia of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach to a mouthwatering fish and chips fragrance, transport yourself with Parkdean Resorts' Scents of the Sea.

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to the sea.

The perfect blend of sea, sand and sun cream.

Our brand new candle range brings the magic of the seaside to your door, with scents encapsulating everything you love about a Great British staycation. Whether it's the nostalgic scent of a beachfront arcade or the fresh Scarborough air, this collection will transport you to your favourite destination.

Between July 2019 and July 2020, Parkdean Resorts bookings increased by almost 250% - and since overseas travel is still fairly difficult, we expect this growth to continue into 2022. In our staycation report, 53% of the Brits we interviewed intended to holiday in the UK in 2022, so it's clear the pandemic has changed our attitudes towards the Great British holiday.

This rise in staycation getaways has reignited countless holiday makers’ love of British beaches, so we have created a candle range to bring the nostalgic scents of these much-loved family holidays into your home. With fragrances reminiscent of our favourite shorefront snacks, locations and activities, you can transform your home into a (much less windy) British seaside paradise. All you need to do is close your eyes and breathe in. Ahhh, that's the stuff.

Scents of the sea.
Comes in Arcade.
Ice Cream Van.
& Cornish Pasty.