By Parkdean Resorts on 07/07/2017

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Here at Parkdean Resorts, it’s safe to say that we’re big fans of the coast. What could possibly be better than scenic views, golden sands and turquoise seas? Well, there’s plenty of research that shows that spending more time by the coast has plenty of positive effects on health and well-being too.

If you’re tempted by the thought of owning your very own coastal holiday home, then read on to find out the top 4 health benefits of life by the seaside.

An Active Lifestyle

When you spend time by the coast, there are plenty of reasons to head outside and do more exercise. Whether it’s swimming in the sea, surfing, sailing or a good old game of rounders on the beach, exercising at the coast is so much more enjoyable. Plus, the salty sea air will do wonders for your respiratory system, giving you plenty of energy to run around with the kids.

According to a survey, it was found that those living by the coast are more likely to reach the advised amount of physical activity than those living inland. With over 7,000 miles of gorgeous coastline to explore around the UK, it’s easy to understand why. Walking along coastal paths or jogging along the beach are excellent forms of exercise, and you’ll be treated to far better views than you can expect in the gym. Plus, if you’re spending more time outdoors, you can also expect to feel the benefits of soaking up all that extra Vitamin D, keeping your teeth, bones and muscles healthy.

There are lots of health benefits that come with having a more active lifestyle. Regular exercise can lower the risk of countless diseases and conditions, both physical and mental, and plays an important part in keeping people healthy.



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Better Sleep

When we spend a day at the seaside, the air that we breathe in can feel physically different and a lot fresher than further inland. Sea air has been found to contain a certain kind of hydrogen ion, which helps absorb oxygen, resulting in a boost in energy levels and relaxation.   

survey with the National Trust and Cotswold Outdoors found that over two thirds of people said they sleep much better after being by the coast. Plus, one in three people said they felt that just thinking about the sea helped them to fall asleep.

Holidaying by the coast is usually very quiet too, and the sound of gentle waves is one of the most relaxing sounds in the world. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for physical health, as well as contributing towards healthy brain function and emotional well-being.


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Mental Health

There’s lots of research to suggest that spending time by the coast can boost your overall mental health too. From the relaxing sound of waves, to feeling the benefits of a sea-view, studies have found that coastal living can be associated with good mental health.

The calming view of the sea is up there with everyone’s favourite scenery, and a gentle walk along the beach can really improve your mental well-being. Relaxing with a sea view is proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, all leading to a calmer mind. The feeling of relaxation that comes over you at the seaside has also been proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety and promote compassionate thinking.

The seaside also encourages you to unwind and slow down, taking part in more relaxing activities. So, if you would really like to feel the benefits of the coast, a walk along the shore or a leisurely swim in the sea are the perfect de-stressing activities.

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A Better Social Life

Most coastal areas are renowned for having a friendly, close knit community, so if you fancy holidaying by the coast you can expect to meet lots of new people and enjoy a vibrant social life. Socialising can have a whole list of health benefits, from boosting confidence and self-esteem, to improving memory and brain performance. This is the same for children too, and there’s usually plenty of clubs to join, which are great for learning and making friends.

Our holiday parks have a great sense of community, and many of our owners plan their trips around dates when their friends are going, so you’ll soon feel like you have a second family by the coast!

If spending more time by the sea sounds perfect for you and you’d like more information on owning a coastal holiday home, call our team on 0344 335 3453 and we’ll be happy to help.