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The world's first Royal Caravan

Come on in and take a virtual look around the world's first and only Royal Caravan.

The finery of Buckingham Palace comes to Cayton Bay Holiday Park. This extra-wide opulent static home celebrates the Royal Family and sits amongst a traditional British seaside setting just outside of Scarborough.

The regal static caravan comprises of a plush drawing room accented with a chaise longue, decadent chandelier and monumental thrones to command from. Although the open-plan kitchen is no place for a royal, this filigree laced haven turns any task into a fairytale.

Embracing the noble life, the Royal Caravan’s corridor is adorned in portraits of the monarchy on the way to the ultimate throne - a solid gold toilet. When nature calls, it doesn’t matter who you are.

Take a tour of the royal crib to see the splendour for yourself.

The Royal Caravan

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 4
  • 42ft x 20ft
  • 2020 Model

Boasting an iconic parlour and a second powder room alongside a twin chambre that is set to turn paupers into princes, the Royal Caravan sleeps up to 4 people of the Queen’s choosing.


Ultimate luxury

From the finest velvets and silks to golden touches and a gilded toilet, the Royal Caravan is the epitome of luxury, with the sumptuous style you’d expect from a Royal household.

Ascend the throne

With its iconic design, the Royal Caravan is like no other. Take a seat on the throne and relax in true style. The caravan will be cosy in the colder months and in the summer you might spot one of the Royals opening the french doors to survey the surroundings.

A touch of class

Living the luxury lifestyle means the essentials come with a touch of class. Inside the Royal Caravan there’s a walk-in wardrobe, plush bedding, space for one’s rare wine collection, a golden toilet and a fridge with space to be stocked with the world’s finest confectionery.

Experience Cayton Bay for yourself

While the Royal Caravan may have been snapped up, you'll still find plenty of stylish and luxurious caravans and lodges for sale at Cayton Bay. What are you waiting for? Start holidaying like a Royal today.