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By Parkdean Resorts on 14/06/2022

 A couple standing on a beach holding an umbrella looking out to sea

While an unexpected downpour is part of Britain's charm, it can put a damper on things!

However, if you're looking to stack the odds in your favour for a sunny break, or taking advantage of sudden good weather with a last-minute holiday, we’ve discovered the UK beaches with the most and least levels of rainfall.


The UK beaches with the least rainfall

A graphic showing the driest beaches in the UK

It’s good news for those in Broadstairs, Kent, as the stunning Botany Bay is the top UK beach with the least rainfall averaging at only 58 days throughout the year! Making it the top choice for any spur of the moment, last minute holidays. Botany Bay offers stunning coastal views of the iconic white cliffs and is great for exploring rock pools and hunting for ancient fossils.

The next best beach to soak up the sun and avoid the dreaded rain is Severn Beach in Bristol, with an average of 62 days throughout the year. This quiet, dog-friendly pebbled beach is great for exploring and discovering heritage trails for those history fans.

The third UK beach with the least rainfall is Eastbourne Beach, East Sussex, averaging 63 rainy days throughout the year. Eastbourne is home to over 3 miles of sandy coastline and offers a wide variety of activities along the famous pier.

A house on top of the cliffs above Eastbourne Beach

Kimmeridge Bay in Wareham, Dorset is the fourth-least rainy beach in the UK, averaging another 64 rainy days a year. Perfect for snorkelling and discovering rock pools, Kimmeridge is the perfect beach break to explore this summer, and even better, we have a whole host of nearby holiday parks to rest your head after a day at the beach!

And finally, another Dorset location, Lulworth Cove in Weymouth is the fifth-least rainy beach in the UK, with an average of 64 downpour days a year. This beach is famous for its unique landforms such as the iconic Lulworth Crumple.


The rainiest UK beaches

When it comes to soaking up the sun on staycation, we all know that it’s risky leaving checking the weather to the last minute. UK holidays can sometimes fall foul to rainy weather, so we have also discovered the rainiest UK beaches (be sure to pack an umbrella!).

1. Luskentyre Beach, Stornoway

Our research found that Luskentyre Beach in the Scottish town Stornoway was the UK’s rainiest beach destination. Averaging around 125 rainy days per year (67 whole days more than Botany Beach!), umbrellas and wellies are a must if you’re planning on visiting this beach. If sunnier Scottish destinations take your fancy, check out our range of holiday parks to book your next beach holiday.

2. Barmouth Beach, Wales

Nestled in the west of Wales is the scenic Barmouth Beach, which our research found is the second-rainiest beach in the UK, averaging 121 rainy days a year, 43 of which fall into the summer months May to September. Just over an hour away is our Brynowen Holiday Park, the perfect pitstop and drying location after a day of visiting Barmouth Beach.

3. Southport Beach, Southport

Southport Beach in, you guessed it, Southport is the third-rainiest beach in the UK. This beach averages around 116 rainy days a year, 44 of which are in the summer months. Situated in Merseyside county, Southport offers stunning golden sandy coastal views, but at the price of a few raindrops.

4. West Kirby Beach, Hoylake

On the other end of Merseyside sits West Kirby Beach in Hoylake. This beach is the fourth-rainiest UK beach, averaging 107 rainy days a year. West Kirby Beach may not be known for its sunny weather but can make a great family day at the beach, with the must-see Marine Lake.

5. Caswell Bay, Wales

Caswell Bay in Wales is the fifth-rainiest beach in the UK, with an average of 105 rainy days throughout the year. This sandy beach has an average of 37 rainy days throughout the summer months, so if you’re planning on visiting this Welsh seaside town, don’t forget to check the local weather forecasts beforehand to avoid any disasters.

The rainiest beaches across the world

A graphic showing the rainiest beaches in the world

As part of our research we also discovered where the rainiest beaches around the world are, and you won’t believe it, but there are many tropical destinations that get even more rain than our very own British beaches!

1. Vaeroy Beach, Norway

Our research found that Vaeroy Beach in Norway has some of the heaviest rainfall in the world, with an average of 117 rainy days a year, which is 59 whole downpours more than our very own Botany Bay!

2. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands is known for its soft white sandy beaches and inviting clear waters. However, our research found that this tropical location is also one of the rainiest, with an average of 134 rainy days throughout the year. That’s a whole 72 days more than Severn Beach in Bristol. We know where we’d book our summer holidays…

3. Utila, Honduras

Known for whale shark sightings and a host of diving activities, Utila is an adventure-packed destination. However, according to our research, Utila has its flaws, with 137 rainy days throughout the year.

4. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

A calm bay on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

The Perhentian Islands in North Malaysia are famous for their immaculate beaches and stunning sunrises. So if you’re not afraid of getting wet, this might just be the destination for you as the Perhentian Islands has an average of 139 rainy days a year.

5. Maenam Beach, Thailand

According to our research, the popular holiday spot of Maenam Beach in Thailand is one of the world’s wettest destinations, with an average of 150 rainy days a year. Our research also found that the wettest months were May to September, so if you’re planning a trip to this tropical spot, maybe plan your visit for the winter months.

If you’re looking to book your next staycation, summer getaway or last minute UK holiday, explore our whole host of holiday parks and kick start your next break knowing you’ll stay dry in the summer sun.



To discover the UK’s rainiest beaches, we analysed the rainfall patterns over 1 year of the UK’s most Googled beaches. Alongside this, we compared these beaches to the rainfall of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.