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Unusual family holidays

Going on holiday is all about the experiences you have while you’re away, whether that be relaxing and taking a break from everyday life or creating memories by trying new activities you don’t get the opportunity to do at home. There are a range of unique experiences you and your family can enjoy whilst on holiday in the UK.

If you fancy trying something new on your next getaway, we’ve rounded-up some of the most eccentric activities and experiences Britain has to offer, to get you inspired for an unusual family holiday that offers both a break from home and a break from the norm!

St. Nectan's Glen, Cornwall

A serene waterfall in Cornwall

Surrounded by mythical tales and spiritual connections, St. Nectan’s Glen is a magical site surrounded by nature and pristine woodland. Recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its flora, fauna and wildlife - regardless of whether or not you believe in magic, it’s well worth a visit.

Said to be a place of healing, the natural beauty of the 60ft waterfall is a must-see and the legend is that Saint Nectan lived in the area as a hermit and performed miracles. Just a half-hour drive from St Minver Holiday Park and less than an hour's drive from Newquay Holiday Park and White Acres Holiday Park, you can experience the uniqueness and magic of St. Nectan’s Glen waterfall with ease.

Bog snorkelling, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales

A waterway in a peat bog in the Welsh countryside

Do you love swimming and keeping active? Have you got a competitive side? For a really unique activity, why not sign up for a bog snorkelling competition? Whether you’re spectating or taking part - it’ll certainly leave you with an interesting holiday story to tell. Starting back in 1976, this sporting event consists of completing two consecutive lengths (using only your flippers) in a 55m peat bog!

Wearing a snorkel, diving mask and flippers - if you can complete the lengths in under 1 minute and 20 seconds, you could be in with a chance of setting a new world record! Our Carmarthen Bay Holiday Park is just over a 1-hour drive from Llanwrtyd Wells, the home of bog snorkelling in Wales.

Visit the Gnome Reserve, Devon

A garden gnome ornament in a garden

Situated right next to Bideford Bay Holiday Park, gnome enthusiasts (or just those wanting a fun day out) can visit the Gnome Reserve in Devon. With over 2,000 gnomes scattered across this garden centre, this strange attraction draws in the crowds looking for a day out with a difference. Little ones will enjoy seeing all shapes and sizes of model gnomes in this enormous collection.

Based on mythical creatures and German folklore, garden gnomes peaked in popularity in the UK in the 1970s, and have retained a loyal fan base since.