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When to book your summer holiday

When booking your summer holiday, there’s often a debate about booking in advance or securing a last-minute deal. The best thing is with Parkdean Resorts, you can choose either - depending on what suits you best!

So, let’s discuss the benefits of booking in advance and the benefits of a last-minute deal to help you decide when to book your summer staycation.

Booking your summer holiday in advance

A family playing in the outdoor swimming pool at a Parkdean Resorts holiday park

There are a range of advantages to booking a summer holiday in advance, here’s a summary of the main ones:

  • Get a cheaper deal - At Parkdean Resorts we have a range of UK holiday offers all year round, including summer holidays, so you can keep your eye on our latest offers and secure the best deal
  • Spread the cost - When booking your summer holiday in advance, you’ve got the option secure your booking with a low deposit and pay off your holiday monthly via Direct Debit
  • Flexibility with dates - Booking your summer holiday means you’ll be able to choose from a wider range of dates available, this is particularly beneficial for people who can only get select time off work or are travelling as a group and need to work around specific dates when everyone is free.
  • More time to save - Although booking a holiday with Parkdean Resorts will include everything you need and more, if you want to treat yourself to delicious meals at our restaurants or explore attractions in the local area, you’ll want to budget some extra spending money. Booking your summer holiday in advance gives you longer to save and put cash aside for this.
  • More time to plan - For those who love creating a holiday itinerary, booking a summer holiday in advance gives you plenty of time to plan everything you want to do, as well as research some extras you may not have known about!
  • Something to look forward to - Because what’s a better feeling than knowing you have a holiday booked? Long days at work and gruelling school runs become a lot easier when you’re on a holiday countdown.

Booking a last-minute summer holiday

A family walking along a beach on a sunny day

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of securing a last-minute deal for a summer staycation:

  • Get a cheaper deal - Our last-minute UK holidays are great for people on a budget because you can get yourself a great deal. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about last minute deals and offers.
  • Less time to wait - Booking a summer holiday at short notice means you can get up and go pretty quickly, no more daily questions from the kids of “When do we go on holiday?”
  • Make the most of the weather - Keep your eye on the weather forecast and take advantage of the next guaranteed heatwave on a last-minute summer getaway. Sunshine isn’t always a sure thing in Britain, so why not hit the road while the going is good?
  • Try something new - Options may be more limited with a last-minute break, but this allows you to discover somewhere new - you may find your new holiday go-to! Keeping an open mind when it comes to destinations and dates also means you’re likely to get a better deal, too

The key thing to a successful last-minute getaway is flexibility, your first choice of holiday park or preferred dates may not be available, but we have a great range of staycations in our last-minute deals so you’re sure to find something perfect for your needs!

Regardless of whether booking in advance or last minute suits you best, we’ve got all your holiday needs covered at Parkdean Resorts.