About Canterbury

England has many beautiful cathedrals, but none rival Canterbury’s for sheer majesty – the medieval stained-glass collection alone can leave you almost breathless. Combined with soaring Gothic architecture, delicate carvings and an inspiring cloister, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Alongside this epic, historic centrepiece, are a score of religious sites, including Greyfriars Chapel, St Martin's Church and St. Augustine's Abbey.

Indeed, many parts of Canterbury feel like you’re stepping back through time, whether you’re wandering medieval lanes, clambering atop ancient city walls or taking a gondola ride along the river past timber-framed houses and historic mills.

And yet, this city doesn’t live in the past, far from it! Canterbury packs in fine shopping, with lots of original and unique shops, and some superb eateries offering flavours from all over the globe. And as a university city, the nightlife here is some of the liveliest in Kent.


Inside Canterbury Cathedral

Our Favourite Things to Do in Canterbury

  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Greyfriars Chapel
  • Relaxing in historic gardens
  • Cruises along Canterbury’s river
  • Exploring shops along medieval lanes

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