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About Flamborough

Perched on a headland and surrounded by dazzling chalk cliffs, the seaside village of Flamborough doesn’t lack for drama. But the big draw here is the birdlife, hundreds of thousands of seabirds descend on this stretch of coastline each year, creating an unforgettable wildlife display.

You can see the full spectacle at nearby Bempton Cliffs, one of Britain’s top RSPB reserves. Make sure you keep an eye out for the puffins and the odd porpoise or seal!

Flamborough’s two lighthouses are another highlight. The original 17th-century lighthouse is one of England’s oldest, while the newer Flamborough Head Lighthouse remains functional today. You can even clamber to the top for glorious panoramas.

Afterwards, head down to the very base of the cliffs and enjoy one of Flamborough’s two beaches. They’re undeveloped, unspoilt and lovely for it. The rockpools here have plenty of secrets for the kids to uncover too!


Must-see Sights in Flamborough

  • Half a million seabirds
  • Two historic lighthouses
  • Some excellent pubs
  • Dramatic chalk cliffs
  • Beaches, rockpools and caves

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