About Hornsea

For an altogether different seaside resort, visit Hornsea. It has all the traditional favourites you love, like a pleasant seafront promenade, mouth-watering fish and chips and a beach that’s perfect for bucket and spade action, but there’s also wildlife and watersports at Yorkshire’s largest freshwater lake, Hornsea Mere.

Thousands of birds are attracted to the lake’s reedbeds and woodlands, with different species appearing throughout the year, including tern, kingfishers and swans. Hire a rowing boat and sail the gentle waters for a closer look.

For extra animal encounters, visit Honeysuckle Farm. Shire horses, cows, sheep, donkeys, goats, all the farmyard favourites are here and ready to say hello. There’s a great play area for little ones and horse and cart rides too.

In the past, Hornsea was famous for its pottery and you’re unlikely to find a bigger collection than in Hornsea Museum. It’s also awash with historic treasures, curios and toys.


Top Sights in Hornsea

  • Traditional promenade
  • Hornsea Mere
  • Hornsea Museum
  • Lovely beach
  • Honeysuckle Farm

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