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About Scarborough

After almost 400 years, England’s oldest beach resort still works. Its ever-so retro delights include an antique miniature railway and funicular and a curious oriental-themed park. But the town’s two beaches are its showpiece: ideal for donkeys, sandcastles and the occasional deckchair snooze.

Scarborough is the place to enjoy all the seaside classics. Yet despite appearances, its history has often been volatile. Look beyond the colourful townhouses and grand Victorian landmarks and you’ll spy Scarborough Castle looming above. Devastated during the English Civil War and shelled by German warships it’s a fascinating spot and affords unbeatable panoramas of Scarborough and its two bays.

For an up-close view of the coast, catch a pleasure boat from Scarborough’s harbour – amazingly some of these little ships helped evacuate Dunkirk! Or why not take the plunge and learn to surf or paddleboard in the bracing waters of nearby Cayton Bay? You can go coasteering too if you’re especially brave.


Top Experiences in Scarborough

  • Classic seaside resort
  • Historic railway and funicular
  • Dramatic coastline
  • Two lovely beaches
  • Scarborough Castle

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