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About Withernsea

Ice cream sundaes, fish and chips on the seafront, paddling and playing on a clean, golden beach; you can experience all the seaside classics at Withernsea. The resort has an unconventional air to it, with large crenellated towers acting as a gateway onto the sands.

And for more unusual sights, simply look up! Withernsea’s inland lighthouse sits at the heart of the seaside community, looming over the red-bricked streets below. Clamber up it for unforgettable views and to explore a museum charting the town’s maritime heritage along with 50s movie star and local heroine Kay Kendall.

Even bigger surprises await at RAF Holmpton where an unassuming bungalow hides the entrance to an immense cold war bunker! Just 10 minutes away from Withernsea, it’s like stepping into a moment frozen in time, with all the equipment, electronics and machinery perfectly preserved.


Our Favourite Sights in Withernsea

  • Quirky seaside resort
  • Fabulous fish and chips
  • RAF Holmpton nearby
  • Clean sand and shingle beach
  • Inland lighthouse

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