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Seasonal Pitches

Make the most of your tourer this year by booking at seasonal caravan pitch with Parkdean Resorts. Available at 32 of our touring parks across the 11 stunning regions, you’re sure to find a location you’ll love coming back to time and time again, throughout the season. Whether it’s a full season, spring, summer or autumn durations – you can pitch up for as long or as little as you like, knowing your touring caravan is safe, secure and ready for a holiday!

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Benefits of a Seasonal Pitch

Seasonal Pitch Prices & Availability

Storing Your Touring Caravan During Winter

After making the most of your seasonal pitch, it’s time to look for touring caravan storage options for the winter season. While we offer winter storage options at some of our parks, this isn't available across all of our touring sites. That's why we’ve teamed up with the experts at The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) to highlight the best caravan storage options on offer.

When planning to store your caravan, you’ll need to consider cost, access, insurance, location and security, as well as any additional facilities you may require.

Unsecured Storage

This option would include farmyards or other locations not specifically intended for storage purposes. Whilst usually a cheaper option, they will often only provide informal agreements, may lack security, and not offer regular access arrangements or additional services.

Secure Storage

This type of caravan storage is available throughout the country but has not been approved or accredited. Whilst your caravan may be safer than it would be in a farmer’s field, there are no guarantees that the security on offer has been checked and is regularly maintained.

CaSSOA Accredited Storage

Choose from over 450 approved sites across the UK, all surveyed to ensure they meet security standards. CaSSOA sites often provide additional facilities like valeting and servicing. You may also be able to save on your caravan insurance premium if you store on a CaSSOA approved storage site.