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Enjoy a holiday park from a new perspective

With a stay at one of our hotels, you’ll find a holiday that combines the comfort and luxury you’d expect, with the fantastic entertainment and facilities of a holiday park. Enjoy stunning scenery and fine dining, then take a countryside stroll while the children make the most of the park’s clubs, activities and amenities.

You’ll be able to choose from a selection of hotels located by some of the finest holiday parks the UK has to offer.

The big screen in the Boathouse Bar Lunch in Boathouse Bar and Restaurant

Fantastic holidays and occasions to cherish

You’ll find that each hotel offers unique features that make it a stand-out destination for your next UK holiday, with gymnasiums, spa facilities and stunning views in some of the country’s most scenic locations.

Unwind in one of the tastefully decorated rooms, while the stylishly arranged furniture ensures you’ll be in complete comfort throughout your stay. Enjoy access to great bars and restaurants as well as the park’s entertainment facilities - there’s much more on offer than simply a place to sleep.

If you’re searching for a place to hold your wedding or planning your next business conference, you’ll find great options for hosting events in sizable spaces that combine grandeur and genuine taste - with excellent catering options available.

You can also enjoy a festive break, treating yourself to a seasonal celebration to remember if you book a stay over Christmas, with delicious meals, lively parties and all the fuss of the festive season taken care of.

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To find the perfect destination for your holiday with Parkdean Resorts, simply click on the pins on the map to your left and explore more than 70 Parks across the UK.

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