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By Parkdean Resorts on 26/06/2019


With so many theme parks to choose from, you’re guaranteed to be within shooting distance of some of the UK’s most thrilling rides - wherever you choose to holiday. However, today’s list is reserved for adrenaline junkies only, featuring some of the longest, highest and scariest rollercoasters in Britain! Hold on tight.

Speed: No Limits, Oakwood Theme Park, South Wales

Officially crowned the fastest, highest and steepest rollercoaster in Wales, Speed: No Limits, isn’t for the faint hearted. As the UK’s first ‘beyond vertical’ rollercoaster, the ride features a 97 degree drop accelerating you to a hair raising top speed of 59 mph!

If that wasn’t enough to set your pulse racing, riders are then subjected to a hard bank, pulling some serious Gs, before a vertical loop and barrel roll.

A trip to Oakwood Theme Park is a must if you’re staying at nearby Pendine Sands Holiday Park – just 30 minutes away.


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The Jubilee Odyssey, Fantasy Island, Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire’s Fantasy Island is the East Coast’s premier theme park and home to The Odyssey, a custom-built steel rollercoaster that towers 167ft above the Skegness coastline – making it the third tallest rollercoaster in the UK!

Following a steep climb, riders are accelerated to 62 mph before putting the sky beneath them and the ground above them in a 124ft vertical loop. With more loops, rolls, twists and turns than you can count, The Jubilee Odyssey is sure to put a smile on your face.

Less than 15 minutes from Southview Holiday Park, Fantasy Island is an essential day out for adrenaline junkies.


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The Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire

Aptly named, The Big One is the UK’s tallest roller coaster – and is the ultimate way to top off a day spent enjoying the sights and sounds of colourful Blackpool. At 235ft high and reaching a staggering top speed of 87 mph, it’s without a doubt the UK’s most iconic rollercoaster.

Offering spectacular views over Blackpool’s famous beach, The Big One is so high that they had to install beacons at the top of its first two hills to signal planes landing at nearby Blackpool Airport!

Blackpool is the UK’s quintessential seaside holiday resort. Under an hour away from many of our holiday parks in Lancashire, it’s well worth the drive – although those with vertigo may be better off opting for a donkey ride on the beach…


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The Swarm, Thorpe Park, Surrey

If you’re heading to the south coast on your next UK break, just off the M25 you’ll find one of Britain’s most thrilling theme parks. Thorpe Park makes the perfect pit stop if you’re in need of an adrenaline shot. One of their flagship rollercoasters, The Swarm features a unique winged design, meaning riders are suspended mid-air on either side of the track – putting them closer to the action.

As the second tallest winged rollercoaster in Europe, The Swarm rockets riders along its twisting track at speeds of up to 59 mph, pushing you into your seat as you experience G forces 4.5 times the strength of gravity! The unique floating seats create the sensation of flying as you travel through the coaster’s themed post-apocalyptic setting.

If you’re heading to Hampshire, Thorpe Park is the perfect stop off on the way to Hayling Island Holiday Park.


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The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley, North Yorkshire

While it doesn’t feature loop the loops or, in fact, any upside down action, The Ultimate certainly doesn’t fall short on its name. With 1.5 miles of track and a 6 minute ride time, The Ultimate remains king of the coasters as Europe’s longest rollercoaster – and is the jewel in the crown of Lightwater Valley Theme Park.

Enjoy spectacular views over the North Yorkshire countryside as you climb to 107ft, before plunging into the forest below where the runaway train twists and turns through the trees at seemingly impossible speed.

If you’re travelling east to our holiday parks in Yorkshire, Lightwater Valley is the ultimate stop off. 


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