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By Parkdean Resorts on 09/05/2018

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Rainy weather is unfortunately a fact of life in Britain, and for it to pour down during a caravan holiday in the UK is a case of expected bad luck. However, when the heavens open, all is not lost, as all you need to make the most of the wet weather is a little imagination, and some forward planning.

Embrace the rain

Meeting the rain head on is something that has to be done if the downpours last for a while. Make sure everyone in your family is armed with some hefty waterproofs and a pair of wellies, and go for a soaking stroll, splashing in puddles and embracing the precipitation!

Wet walks can be a lot of fun with a four-legged friend in tow, as dogs love to splash around in puddles and get muddy - just make sure you have plenty of supplies back at the caravan to get rid of all the inevitable mess from a mucky pup.


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Go for a swim

Don’t worry, we don’t mean in the puddles! Many Parkdean Resorts holiday parks have either indoor pools or heated outdoor pools that are perfect for family fun. Just think - you’re going to get wet anyway, so you might as well embrace it by sliding down a water slide or indulging in a spot of beach ball volleyball!

Outdoor pools are especially fun during wet weather, as you get the great experience of watching the raindrops fall in the pool, all while enjoying the heated water. A great indoor pool experience can be had at our Trecco Bay Holiday Park - where indoor kayaking lessons are also available.




Stock up on wet weather activities

Planning ahead and stocking up on some traditional wet weather favourites like board games and colouring books are always a good option. Drawing your kids away from their devices for some old-fashioned family fun playing a board game is a sure-fire way to create some memories even when the weather is bad. A marathon game of Monopoly might raise tensions a tad but at least it’ll keep everyone occupied while the rain pours down.

Another great wet weather activity that is easily doable in a Parkdean Resorts caravan is baking. Our caravans have everything you need to whip up some brownies or cupcakes with the little ones - and with the smell of the sweet treats banishing the wet weather woes, they’ll be very happy indeed.

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Save indoor activities for rainy days

A little bit of tactical planning regarding the weather is important for a British holiday. While there might be some fantastic indoor attractions that you can’t wait to check out - think the Dinosaur Isle museum on the Isle of Wight - visiting them on a sunny day is a waste of good weather!

Besides, you wouldn’t want to be trying to make the best of the beach on a rainy day, having already been to all the museums and attractions you could take refuge in. With this in mind, try to keep a list of indoor activities handy, so you’ll have plenty to choose from when the rain threatens to spoil your plans.

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Plan a cinema trip

The summer holidays normally coincide with the blockbuster season, so there will almost certainly be a film that you and your kids will want to see at some point during your holiday. There are some very cool and off-the-wall places to watch a film dotted around the country, such as Lincolnshire’s charming Kinema in the Woods (an easy drive from Skegness, where our Southview Holiday Park is located, and the opulent and old-school Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle city centre, which is easily accessible from any of our holiday parks in the North East

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