By Parkdean Resorts on 10/11/2021

A child staring at a Christmas tree

As the Christmas season is nearly upon us, and with kids soon to break up from schools, parents are on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to keep them entertained and get excited for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve. That's why here at Parkdean Resorts, we've created a list of 10 fun budget-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy, and help everyone to get into the festive spirit.

We offer a whole host of indoor and winter-friendly activities, from our Next Level Gaming Arena at Trecco Bay, to the Roller Disco at Warmwell Holiday Park.

But if you’re looking for something especially magical, check out our list of top 10 activities for kids this Christmas.

1. Salt dough Christmas decorations

Salt dough Christmas decorations are the perfect addition to your tree and can be designed to suit any style. Follow this easy recipe on BBC Good Food, where all you need is salt dough (you can find an easy recipe to follow on BBC Good Food here), plain flour for dusting, a rolling pin, biscuit cutters, an optional piping nozzle and acrylic paints or felt-tip pens for decoration.

2. Building a snowman

Children building a snowman

For when the weather cools and we’re gifted with a wonderful winter sprinkling of snow, a super easy and budget-friendly activity that the whole family can get involved with is building a snowman! Just make sure you’re wrapped up warm to withstand the cold.

3. Christmas film marathon

If there's one thing sure to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit, it's getting snuggled up on the sofa and watching a classic Christmas film marathon together. And you won’t even need a subscription service to enjoy what TV can offer you, just keep your eyes peeled for upcoming TV schedules and set aside a day to binge watch all your favourites.

4. Paper-chain snowflakes

If you’re looking to turn your home into a winter wonderland this Christmas, why not create the classic paper chain snowflakes to hang from every window and door frame? All you need is a pair of scissors (careful with little fingers!) and any colour or type of paper you’ve already got at home!

5. Make your own wrapping paper

The cherry on top of (or underneath) any good Christmas tree is a bundle of beautifully wrapped presents, so why not take matters into your own hands and create your own wrapping paper and really add a handmade touch to the gifts for your friends and family? Get creative and let your imagination run wild with paints, glitter and funky prints to make the presents under your tree stand out this Christmas.

6. Check out a local Christmas market

A festive christmas market scene

Christmas markets have become a popular festive activity, making you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland! Here at Parkdean Resorts, we've already done the hard work for you and have put together a list of some of the best Christmas markets and events across the UK to visit this winter.

7. Track Santa online

Norad have created their very own Santa tracker so you can see exactly where he is, and when he will be expected to make a delivery to your house! Starting from December 1st, you’ll be able to follow him on his travels across the world and make sure he’s on track.

8. Festive baking

Alongside making your own salt dough Christmas decorations, try your hand at some festive baking, because nothing screams Christmas more than gingerbread men and mince pies. Plus the smell of fresh baking will fill your home and be incredibly inviting for any guests.

9. Hot chocolate creations

Marshmallows and cinnamon in a mug

There's nothing better to wash down those festive baked treats than a hot chocolate. Experiment with flavours like orange or white chocolate and raspberry, and create your new favourite, topped with marshmallows of course!

10. Prepare Santa’s Christmas Eve plate

When that special evening, December 24th is finally upon us, it’s very important to prepare Santa’s plate, because delivering presents to every home on the planet in one night can be tiring! Although you can put anything you want on the plate, we’ve heard a rumour that Santa’s favourites are a lovely warm mince pie, a cool glass of milk, and a fresh carrot for his trusty reindeer companions.

We hope these activities will set your family up for a wonderful and joyful festive period this Christmas, and if your family are on the lookout for more activities to fill up your time together, check out our parks and the whole host of activities they can offer you! Don't forget, we also offer festive breaks throughout December and the Christmas period, so if you're looking to wow the family with a truly magical holiday, look no further than Parkdean Resorts.