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By Parkdean Resorts on 28/03/2022

A meal being served fine dining style

Whether it's fine dining or good food, the UK has so much to offer for Brits wanting to enjoy a meal cooked by a professional, and avoid the dreaded washing up. That’s why here at Parkdean Resorts, we’ve explored a foodie’s heaven and discovered the best mouth-watering Michelin recommended restaurants across the UK to add to your bucket list!


What is a Michelin restaurant, and what’s it got to do with tyres?

Although you may not see the connection between tyres and tasty food, the Michelin Guide has been published by the tyre company Michelin since 1904.In order for a restaurant to qualify as Michelin standard, its dishes must be outstanding and is ranked on factors such as ingredients, flavours and technique, which gives the restaurant either 1, 2, or 3 Michelin Stars. Although not all restaurants in the Michelin guide are awarded a Star, the restaurants that are listed still offer incredible experiences, and appetising menus!

Across the UK, there are 164 restaurants boasting one Michelin Star, which means there are plenty of options for foodies to experience!


The UK’s best Michelin restaurants

To find the best Michelin restaurants in UK cities, we delved into ranking factors including value for money, TripAdvisor reviews and Instagram followings to discover which Michelin restaurants offer the best all-round experience without breaking the bank.


1. BOX-E, Bristol

The outdoor dining area at BOX-E in Bristol

Our research found that BOX-E in Bristol is the UK’s best all-around Michelin restaurant, scoring 77/100 in our index. According to the Michelin guide, a meal here will set you back £32 per person and the restaurant is also rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor, showing just how much their customers enjoyed their experience here.


2. Peninsula Restaurant, London

Peninsula Restaurant in Greenwich, London, scored 73/100 in our Michelin restaurant index. Offering a flavourful selection of European cuisine at yet another price tag of around £32 per person. Not only that, but Peninsula Restaurant has been rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor for its unforgettable experience and mind-blowing menu.


3. Core by Clare Smyth, London

With over 100,000 Instagram followers, Core by Clare Smyth in London is the UK’s third-best Michelin Star restaurant, scoring a respectable 70/100. Although considerably more expensive than other Michelin Star restaurants, averaging at around £134 for a meal, this restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin Stars for its French cuisine and exquisite menu.


4. Kindling, Brighton

Kindling, in the sunny seaside town of Brighton, ranked 67/100 in our Michelin index. Offering one of the most affordable menus averaging at just £20 per person, this restaurant provides a selection of healthy dishes to avoid the ‘eyes bigger than your belly’ feeling.


5. Chakana, Birmingham

A blue tiled bar at Chakana in Birmingham

Chakana in Birmingham offers a healthy Peruvian menu for an average price of £34 per person, and scored 65/100 in our index. Not only that, but Chakana is rated a top score of 5/5 on TripAdvisor, proving to be a great Michelin option for those in the West Midlands.


6. Adam’s, Birmingham

Another award-winning option for those in Birmingham to explore Michelin Star options is Adam’s. Adam’s scored 65/100 in our index and offers an impressive European-styled menu, sure to entice your taste buds. Priced at around £48 per person, Adam’s also has a 5/5 rating on TripAdvisor and has even been awarded one Michelin Star!


7. El Gato Negro, Manchester

El Gato Negro in Manchester scored 65/100 in our Michelin index, and will take you away on a Spanish adventure with its menu. Priced at a comfortable £21 per person, you can explore the Spanish cuisine without worrying about the Michelin-style price tag.


8. Root, Bristol

Root in Bristol offers one of the most affordable menus, averaging at just £19 per person and scoring 63/100 in our index. Root offers a deluxe contemporary European menu, and describes itself as a “modern, veg-led, small plate restaurant”.


9. Cook House, Newcastle

Representing the North East in our Michelin index is the Cook House in Newcastle, scoring 62/100 in our rankings. Averaging at around £31 per person and offering healthy British cuisine, the Cook House is sure to be at the top of foodies’ bucket lists in Newcastle! Plus, this restaurant is just over a 20-minute drive to our Whitley Bay Holiday Park, and is a great pitstop for your full belly to rest.


10. Juke and Loe, Sheffield

A fancy looking dish at Juke and Loe Restaurant in Sheffield

Juke and Loe in Sheffield is the 10th best Michelin restaurant in the UK, and we scored it 59/100 in our index. This restaurant offers European-styled cuisine at around £33 per person, and proves to be popular with its customers as it’s rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor!


Best value for money Michelin restaurants

If you want to experience Michelin quality on a budget, we’ve discovered which UK restaurants won’t break the bank, but are sure to tantalise your tastebuds!


1. Tharavadu, Leeds

Tharavadu in Leeds offers the most affordable Michelin menu on a budget in our index, averaging at just £13 per person. Not only that, but Tharavadu’s Indian and Asian cuisine and overall experience has been rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor!


2. Bar Iberico, Nottingham

The second most affordable Michelin restaurant in our index is Bar Iberico in Nottingham, priced at just £14 per person. Offering an extensive Mediterranean and European menu and also rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor, Bar Iberico is a must-try Michelin restaurant for those in the East Midlands.


3. Iberico World Tapas, Nottingham

Another Nottingham restaurant appearing in the list of the best value for money is Iberico World Tapas. The tempting Mediterranean and European menu is priced at an average of £17, and including dishes like mouth-watering lamb rump and tasty wild mushrooms, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


4. Root, Bristol

Not only is Root ranked the eighth-best overall Michelin restuarant in our index, but it is also one of the most affordable, priced at just £19 per person. From crispy cauliflower to delicious ricotta dumplings, there’s a whole selection of fresh and tasty dishes to try!


5. Kindling, Brighton

Our research found that Kindling in Brighton is the fourth-best overall Michelin restaurant in the UK, and is also the fifth most affordable option. The healthy British menu at Kindling includes choices from grilled king oyster mushrooms to braised venison shoulder, and you can expect to pay a modest £20 per person.


Other UK Michelin restaurant hotspots

As part of our research, we have delved into several locations outside of the big cities that also offer great Michelin options alongside the added bonus of the great British countryside.


Isle of Wight

Our research found that Thompson’s is the best Michelin restaurant in the Isle of Wight, and is also ranked 5/5 on TripAdvisor! This restaurant offers delicious contemporary British and European cuisine with an average price tag of £54.

Lake District

The Lake District is home to more than just stunning views and adventure activities. It also has several Michelin restaurants that are definitely worth a visit. Our research found that The Old Stamp House Restaurant in Ambleside offers the best all-around Michelin Star experience. The Old Stamp House boasts one Michelin Star, and offers a selection of British cuisine with excellent vegetarian and vegan options, at a price tag of around £85. Plus The Old Stamp House Restaurant is under an hour's drive from all our fantastic selection of Lake District holiday parks.


A view of a seaside town in Cornwall on a sunny day

Our research found that Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 offers the best all-around experience in the sunny seaside county of Cornwall! This restaurant has been awarded one Michelin Star for its exquisite contemporary European and British menu, but be warned, it will set you back around £110. Explore our nearby parks in Cornwall and plan your trip to tick Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 off your Michelin Star bucket list.


Neighbouring Cornwall, Devon also has a fantastic selection of Michelin Star restaurants, and according to our study, The Dartmoor Inn is one definitely worth a visit! Awarded one Michelin Star, The Dartmoor Inn offers classic and much loved British pub grub for around £52 per person!


Dorset is home to the Michelin restaurant Robin Wylde, which our research found offers the best all-around experience in the area! Averaging at around £60 per person, this restaurant offers healthy British cuisine options, from mouth-watering lobster to classic beef fillet. Robin Wylde is sure to drive your tastebuds wild!

Looking to explore what the UK has to offer in terms of Michelin Star? Our nearby holiday parks are ready to welcome you and your full bellies with open arms!


We wanted to discover which Michelin restaurants offer the best all-around experience by using the official Michelin guide to determine the average price, type of cuisine, and the number of Michelin Stars, alongside TripAdvisor ratings and number of Instagram followers to determine the restaurant's popularity.