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By Parkdean Resorts on 20/09/2016

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For many years, the sightings of UFO’s and extra-terrestrial life have been considered a mystery. From the Roswell incident in 1947 to the Rendlesham Forest sighting in 1980, there are hundreds of reported sightings around the world every year.

The sky over Scotland has been home to many of these reported sightings, with most of them coming from an area known as the Falkirk Triangle, which covers areas of the sky above Falkirk, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Above the Falkirk Triangle, people have spotted many mysterious things, such as flashing lights and flying saucers.

Scotland has its fair share of military bases, and many people believe the explanation for the large number of sightings is due to military aircraft being tested at night. Or are people really seeing UFOs?

We’ve teamed up with Andrew Hennessey, a UFO and extra-terrestrial expert from Stargate Edinburgh Tours, to find out more information about the Falkirk Triangle and the best places around our holiday parks to catch a glimpse into this mysterious world.


The small Scottish town of Bonnybridge is dubbed the UFO capital of the world, with over 300 sightings every year rolling in around the area. It’s said that almost half of the town’s population have seen a UFO at some point in their lives.



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One of the first recorded sightings in this area was in 1989, when a red object appeared in the sky whilst a fire crew were attending a blaze. It’s said that the object came towards the fire engine and then flew off and then a second object appeared shortly after. This second object was white and hovered above Loch Ellrig, only about eight metres from the witnesses at the scene.

The people of Bonnybridge are so passionate about their belief in extra-terrestrial life, councillor William Buchanan of Falkirk District Council has written several letters voicing his concerns to Prime Ministers John Major, Tony Blair, and David Cameron.

Bonnybridge is located between Sundrum Castle Holiday Park and Wemyss Bay Holiday Park, so if you’re staying at either of these holiday parks, you’re in the perfect spot to UFO hunt.

A70 Road

The A70 is a major motorway through Scotland, which runs for 74.3 miles from Edinburgh to Ayr. The A70 is not just your normal road. It’s also the scene of one of Scotland’s most famous UFO encounters, known as ‘the A70 incident’.

In August 1992, two men named Garry Wood and Colin Wright were travelling down the A70 from the outskirts of Edinburgh to Tarbrax, when they were delayed by something extremely unexpected. Out of nowhere, their vehicle was allegedly intercepted by an alien ship, leading to a mysterious two hours of time which were unaccounted for, where they had no idea what had happened, and they were left feeling stunned and confused. In order to make sense of what happened, the pair underwent hypnotic regression. Whilst they were under hypnosis, they recalled being lifted up on board this spaceship, where they had been examined and had communicated with alien like creatures.

The incident apparently took place on an offshoot of the A70, on a small country road on the way to Tarbrax, so if you’re driving along the A70 don’t forget to keep an eye out for anything unusual.


Just to the East of the Falkirk triangle lies Gorebridge, a small former mining village. Many believers in this region are certain that Gorebridge is the home to a non-human secret meeting place, known as ‘the camp’.

There have been many reports of alien activity surrounding an abandoned coal mine in Gorbridge, called the Blinkbonny Mine. Some people believe that the coal mine is a meeting base for the aliens, after two individuals were allegedly chased from the area by a ‘luminous, floating, green eye’ coming from the old mine, whilst they were digging up Christmas trees nearby.

Other strange events in the area include the loss of livestock, strange lights glowing above ‘the camp’, alien abductions, and sightings of ‘Greys’, (grey aliens like those reported at the Roswell UFO incident in 1947) and ‘Men in Black’ in the local woods.

Due to the multiple witness accounts and local media coverage, investigations were due to take place at ‘the camp’, but due to unknown reason the local MP later decided to take no action, leaving the mystery unexplained and the people of Gorebridge still none the wiser.

West Lothian

One of the most well-known UFO encounters in Scotland happened in 1979, with the famous ‘Robert Taylor Incident’. In Dechmont Woods near Livingston, West Lothian, a forester was working in the area, when he allegedly came in to contact with a UFO.

When Taylor returned home from his trip, his clothes were torn and he had grazes on his thighs and his chin, claiming that a ‘flying dome’ tried to pull him on-board. Because of his injuries, the police recorded this as a ‘common assault’ and it’s the only known example of an alien sighting which has turned into a criminal investigation.

Since 1979, there have been many other ‘sightings’ of strange things in the sky over West Lothian, such as orange flashing lights, red lights in a triangular shape, fuzzy white lights, and a ‘swirly object’ hovering in the skies.

Both Sundrum Castle Holiday Park and Wemyss Bay Holiday Park are just over an hour’s drive away from the original UFO sighting spot of Livingston, so if you’re passing through the area, make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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If you spot any UFO’s or extra-terrestrial life in Scotland, then we’d love to hear about it on our Twitter page.