About Dover

As the nation’s gateway into Europe, Dover’s seen its fair share of history. Like its castle, a mammoth fortress that’s hosted everything from Henry II’s court to a WWI military headquarters.

The castle’s role in nation-shaping events offers a unique experience as you wander from a richly decorated medieval palace to stark Napoleonic tunnels and the operations room where the Dunkirk evacuation was planned.

Dover’s other iconic sight, the White Cliffs, stand brilliantly against the bright blue waters of the English Channel. Yet even here, the wartime theme continues. Running throughout the chalk cliffs are a series of sprawling tunnels used by gun crews, which you can explore at Fan Bay Deep Shelter.

Afterwards, wander the path above the cliffs to the pebble shores of beautiful St Margaret’s Bay Beach. While back in Dover, you’ll find some excellent museums alongside a fine selection of eateries, shops and pubs.


The White Cliffs of Dover

Dover’s Top Attractions

  • Historic port town
  • The White Cliffs
  • Wide choice of cuisine
  • Dover Castle
  • St Margaret’s Bay Beach

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