Do I need to have safety certificates in place?

Yes to be part of Your Lets you must ensure that you have valid safety certificates for your holiday home. You must:

a) provide us with copies of satisfactory gas and electrical testing certificates by a competent person for your Holiday Home and evidence of portable appliance testing. Gas and portable appliances must be inspected at least once a year and Holiday Home electricals inspected every 3 years;

b) check the connecting gas hose and gas pigtail is within its expiry date or within five years of the date printed on the hose;

c) have a working fire extinguisher that is inspected annually. We will require proof of this annual inspection;

d) have a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector within their expiry date;

e) ensure the steps and any decking are in a good and safe condition;

f) ensure all doors of your Holiday Home are fitted with a turn lock; and

g) ensure the shower head is sterilised at least annually.